Waifu Wednesday: Lee Haeri

lee haeri

Lee Hae-ri (also known as Haeri) is a South Korean singer. She is best known for being one of the vocal powerhouses in K-Pop vocal power-whole-city-block-of-houses DaVichi.

DaVichi’s ability to sing a damn song is so overwhelming that it can obfuscate the fact that Lee Haeri is gorgeous. Sure, Kang Min Kyung maaaaay be slightly more famous, but Haeri has been plying her trade and blowing ears away (and hearts) for the past eight years. Indeed, she’s been so good for so long that it is pretty criminal that she hasn’t been featured on here until now. Bad Slug. Very, very bad slug.

Let’s atone for this now.


Haeri is so god-like that she’s the protagonist in Zeus’s favorite epic.

lee haeri selca

Also, an underrated selca taker.

Haeri’s talent level would disintegrate Dragon-Ball Z scouters from galaxies away.

lee haeri davichi 2

Bubbles have never been so fun.

Haeri is so incredible that she intimidates the Hulk.

lee haeri davichi

The holy status to which all gods strive.

Haeri is so beautiful that her gaze can knock the Earth off its orbit.

haeri davichi 12323

The vocal-slay kween.

Haeri’s voice grants angels their wings.

haeri davichi selca

No gif beats this.





  1. Good choice. Someone old enough that I don’t feel like I should go turn myself in to the police for ogling her.

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