Review: Tiffany – “I Just Wanna Dance” Is Formulaic Fun

tiffany i just wanna dance

After months (years?) of rumors, Tiffany Hwang has finally released her very own solo music video. Even more deliciously, Tiffany is releasing her video, entitled “I Just Wanna Dance,” mere days before ex-SNSD member and former half of the OG SNSD pairing JeTi Jessica Jung debuts her own solo music video. With the hype so high, it is perhaps inevitable that the actual content of “I Just Wanna Dance” doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

The best and worse thing that one can say about Tiffany’s “I Just Wanna Dance” is that it is a perfectly serviceable dance track. On the positive side, the light dance hall friendly beat is fairly energetic and owes a lot of debt to a funky bass line and synths that sound a lot like a modern interpretation on eighties pop music. Tiffany, double tracked and given just enough slick audio sheen to lend “I Just Wanna Dance” artificial sugary overtones, plays to the song’s simple (and oft repeated) message of dancing the night away with a perfunctory performance that neither hinders nor (a bit surprisingly) overshadows the instrumental track. On the one hand, that’s good because the track is pretty solid from front to back while also showcasing a club-ish beat that doesn’t really sound like any other SNSD-related single. On the other hand, the fact that the song is so buttoned-up and free of surprises makes it a tad underwhelming. Out of every member in SNSD, Tiffany probably has the “brassiest” voice and a track like “I Just Wanna Dance,” with its friction-free vocals and its tightly choreographed skipping synths, runs away from her strengths as a vocalist. (In my mind, SNSD’s sub-unit TaeTiSeo is the perfect Tiffany vehicle) “I Just Wanna Dance” is fine dance music but there’s not many moments where it screams “THIS IS A TIFFANY HWANG JOINT” which is a little disappointing for Tiffany’s first solo music video.

The video for “I Just Wanna Dance” is similarly alright. The video is a trademark SM Entertainment dance video. Excellent, clearly framed shots, well choreographed dance scenes and the flimsiest excuse of context to hang those clips on. (In this video, Tiffany walks into a diner and passes out from a hangover? Or was that just me last weekend. Who can say?) To the video’s credit, there’s some nice outdoor shots (which I will take over a dumb set adorned in random geometric shapes and LED lights every single damn time), Tiffany’s smile lighting up the entire proceedings and enough hot pink tints, hot pink shirts and hot pink dresses to recall both Tiffany’s affection for the color and the eighties Miami Vice-esque color influence that dovetails nicely with the song.

It doesn’t hurt that Tiffany came to slay.

In all, Tiffany’s first solo music video is solid, even if it somewhat misuses its star. The song isn’t a banger and I’m not sure if I would ever actively seek it out but it’s also the sort of song that I could probably play on repeat for an hour without getting sick of it either. The video is well-made, if a bit on the forgettable side. Ultimately, “I Just Wanna Dance” is basically the Marvel movies of music videos. It’s safe, it’s structurally sound, it’s satisfying and it leaves the audience hankering for something a bit more daring in the future. Pretty fitting, considering the impending Sone Civil War.

*Rim shot. 

I’ll see myself out.



  1. Iron Jessica will eat her alive.

    1. I prefer Captain Sica vs Iron Fany.

  2. Very forgettable song. The top comment in YouTube also sums up the MV perfectly
    “It’s like watching a moving instagram feed”.

  3. soandso · · Reply

    Meh, nothing special, really.

    1. At the end of the day, this is probably all that needs to be said.

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