Oh Yeah, Tiffany Has A Solo Releasing This Month As Well


It’s been known for a while that Tiffany Hwang of SNSD-fame would be releasing her own solo debut music video in the month of May and now there’s an MV teaser to go with all the fantasy-driven drama of a weeks-long “grudge match” between Tiffany and her former OTP half Jessica Jung.

Unlike Jessica’s teasers, which seemed to favor mostly sunny outdoor shots and a lighter tone, Tiffany’s teaser for “I Just Wanna Dance” looks… like a teaser for a very pink (because it wouldn’t be a Tiffany project without a shit ton of pink) visual headache. There’s basically no beat to speak of, just a bunch of random sounds and quick cuts employing various visual filters that do a pretty good job of conveying a hangover.

Basically, this is the sort of teaser that exists to remind you that a project exists without giving away anything more. Hell, Jessica’s first “Fly” teaser somehow gave away a bit more of what the overall concept would be and that was essentially one long shot of Jessica chilling in her desert-tub. This though? This is all sound and rose-tinted fury signifying… something?

No matter what, the next week is going to be interesting. Tiffany’s “I Just Wanna Dance” is releasing on May 11th. Jessica’s solo album “With Love, J” releases less than a week later on May 17th. SNSD fans are basically getting their own superhero blockbuster this year.

Ice Princess vs. Eye Smile: Dawn of Pink 

Sones: Civil War

K-Pop Charts: Apocalypse

Secretly, I think that both former band mates have to be loving this. While both were definitely assured to get plenty of attention on their own, the fact that they’re releasing their solo debuts near the same time is sure to draw only more publicity to both “I Just Wanna Dance” and “Fly.” Other K-Pop acts should probably just vacate for the next two weeks.



  1. Other kpop acts should vacate, but not AOA… they have Choa. And Seolhyun. And Choa. And Hyejeong. And Choa.

    1. Those are all valid points

    2. You forgot to mention that they also have Choa.

    3. Don’t forget they have Jimin too if you want a girl to talk dirty to you or be the “mother fucking top madam” in your bondage night. Remember she can use a whip from the “Like a Cat” video…lol.

    4. Not to mention, as well as, in addition to, Choa.

  2. If I didn’t know better I would suspect that Tiffany and Jessica talked on the phone and talked about how they could both boost their sales and put personal feelings aside for the sake of being Americans concerned first about the bottom line.

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