A Second Jessica Jung “Fly” Teaser Has Hit The Interwebs

After a first teaser that was essentially one long establishing shot of herin a bath tub in the desert, the Ice Princess Formerly Known As SNSD Member Jessica Jung recently released her second teaser for her solo music video debut “Fly.”

Amusingly, Jessica’s Instagram post on the teaser’s release also threw in a plug for fledgling Tyler Kwon label Coridel Entertainment because… well… SOMEONE has to keep up the illusion that Coridel Entertainment is anything more than an empty shell corporation kept afloat by Jessica’s star power.

Of course, when one actually checks out Coridel Entertainment’s YouTube page, one can’t help but be led to the conclusion that Coridel Entertainment exists solely because of Jessica.

coridel entertainment jessica

Who needs an artist roster when you have Jessica Jung?

The teaser itself shows a great deal more action than the first. While it would be a fool’s errand to try and guess what “Fly” will sound like, the infinitely Gram’able desert pans and briskly paced choreography seems to hint that “Fly” will be more of a pop song than, say, an R&B song or a ballad.

Also, the settings look great, the dancers look great, Jessica looks great and everything looks great.

Holy shit, this is actually happening.


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