AOA Release More Teasers For “Good Luck” Where The Concept Doesn’t Matter Because AOA

choa aoa good luck

After an initial teaser run which included a beach evening group shot and individual teasers that seemed to be partially influenced by Baywatch and partially influenced by humanity’s sexual id, AOA has now released more teasers that, SURPRISE, have next to nothing to do with the initial (actually slightly unified) concept pics.

Entitled the “weekend concept version,” presumably because the “Just Take Some Damn Hot Pictures Because That’s All This Is Version” already had a copyright registered, this latest batch of pics features AOA… looking pretty.

I got nothing else.

Except Choa.


choa aoa good luck


That is all.*

*That is not all. Here are the rest of the pics.

chanmi aoa good luck

I really want to just caption this with “BRUH.”

hyejung aoa good luck

I was distracted by the “ENTERANCE” sign. There is something wrong with my brain.

jimin aoa good luck

Someone get Jimin a set of sunglasses.

aoa yuna good luck

The hits of red are so good here.

aoa mina good luck

Taken right before Mina caused a head-on collision due to rubbernecking.

seolhyun aoa good luck

I do like the helpful suggestion to go no faster than 5 mph near a residential parking spot.



One comment

  1. They haven’t even released their song yet, and they already won.

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