No Waifu Wednesday Today But This Should Suffice



Due to life, I won’t have time to put together a Waifu Wednesday post today. (As always, if anyone has suggestions for future WW posts, they are highly encouraged because I only have a vague idea of what I want to post about each week).

Luckily, the K-Pop gods were kind this week and blessed us with this “Good Luck” teaser for Choa, which is infinitely more glorious than whatever word vomit I could muster for an idol.


Choa is so godlike that there are whole religious studies courses devoted to her image.


Just imagine this being posted over and over and over and celebrate accordingly.



Choa is so worthy that this is not a rushed copout post in the least.







Happy Gator GIF



  1. Jesse Ray · · Reply

    you could alternate that pic with:


    and just repost them every week, having achieved peak Waifu Wednesday

  2. I love ‘No Waifu Wednesday’, or any excuse to post more Choa photos. All hail the AOA Goddess with a voice to match.

  3. BTW, I think Choa looks great with long hair too.

    1. Whilst she obviously looks good there, I think she’s probably the only girl I can think of who looks better with short hair.

  4. I’ve made suggestions but you’ve ignored them (except for Seolhyun).

    1. Well, if you have any more toss them out haha. Sorry if I’ve missed them before.

  5. I think I just forgot how to swim.

  6. More Choa

    1. I like how she’s packing more meat nowadays (fans are also noticing) and beginning to look actually healthy. This compared to her AOA Black (remember them?!) days when she was a singing skeleton, albeit an attractive one.

  7. You ought to check out Hong Jin Young sometime for Waifu Wednesday. While you don’t cover trot music (Her genre) and I’m not really into it, it’s hard to ignore someone so pretty.

  8. this choa post, as a replacement post for waifu wed, is awesome.

    1. I am a little surprised that it garnered more responses than some actual WW posts haha. I may do a few more of these in the future.

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