Jessica Jung Proves That Her Solo Debut Is A Real Thing With MV Teaser For “Fly”

jessica jung fly teaser.jpg

Considering that rumors of a Jessica Jung solo debut have been floating around since approximately 0.000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds after it was confirmed that she was kicked out of left SNSD to pursue other career opportunities, it’s somewhat surreal to see evidence that an honest-to-Ice-Princess solo music video (featuring Fabolous) will soon grace this Cool and Good Earth.

Jessica announced the teaser’s debut with a perfectly timed shot of Jessica jumping in the air, full of glee and definitely not a burning fiery vengeance that she has assuredly not been honing and cultivating to a searing heat over the past two years.

As for the video, there’s not much info to be gleaned. There’s Jessica dressed in the outfit in the above Instagram shot, a bath tub, a desert and what I can only assume are some sweet Blanc and Eclare shades. However, right before it becomes tempting to write this off as a giant nothingburger, we get a small taste of Jessica’s signature delicately nasal sound and all is right with the world.

Hopefully, Fabolous shows up in an equally well-shot desert-strewn bath tub when the video drops.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I will order this mini the second it is available although I have no idea who Fabulous is. She will promote alongside Hwang, they will display their ongoing friendship, lame SONES will accept her again, and SNSD will reunite for the final tour next year and everything will go as planned.

    1. You know it would be nice to see those two hug it out. I don’t know how close Jessica and Tiffany were towards the end, but at one time I think they were pretty close since both were strangers in a strange land. I’m also kind of hoping that as Jessica makes the talk show rounds during promotions she addresses what happened and says something like, she and the group likely could have handled things better and there is a lot of fault to go around with her too. Maybe add in that it has worked out for the best. It might not be the way she planned to depart, but she was planning to depart before long anyway and in many ways it was a blessing in disguise as she really was wanting to move on to start a new chapter and maybe was clinging to the past when she should have gone ahead and made a change sooner. I think that would be a very adult way of addressing the situation as it always sounded like there was a lot of blame to go around, with Jessica, the members, and members’ parents all handling things poorly. I just hope that some fences can be mended and maybe if in the next few years SNSD decides to hang it up after one last tour, that maybe they invite Jessica to come take a final bow or sing a surprise encore with them. The fans would love that. The question is whether Jessica and the members could get past what happened and do something really special for the fans if that moment ever comes.

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