AOA Gets To Teasing Its Next Comeback, Bless Them

aoa good luck group

If this calendar is any indication of what to expect in the weeks ahead, AOA is going to have a very busy month leading up to the group’s comeback on May 16th.

aoa good luck

And while this is the space where I would usually gripe about the seemingly endless “teaser” material that more or less gives away the entire video prior to the actual comeback, if the first solo teasers are a taste of what’s to come, then I will assuredly celebrate every single blatant ploy for media attention that this comeback will bless us with.

Let’s just say that I now have a curious compulsion to try and drown myself in sea water.

Yuna will do that.

As will Mina.

Save me Seolhyun.

If this thing is half as good as advertised, I may as well start writing my will. If it ends up being the “Cabi Song” for a new generation of K-Pop, that’ll be OK too.

All that’s left to say is… Choa? Choa plz.



  1. Really not a fan of their last 2 Japanese releases (Give Me the Love, Oh BOY), so I’m hoping for a better song and less (blatant) sexploitation. Also, Choa.

  2. And oh the Choa teaser shot gives and gives.

  3. Save me.

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