Selca Sunday Returns

Have a sweet dream ❣

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Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the seemingly endless weekly superfluous K-Pop social media posts are condensed into one large superfluous K-Pop social media post. In this week’s edition, Queen Wang Fei Fei gets top billing because the birthday girl gets everything. Without further ado:

Hyuna of 4Minute:

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Hyuna’s discreet pool party.

Taeyeon of SNSD:


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If only all color contacts were this blatantly obvious, it would have something really distinctive and dramatic.

Hyomin of T-ara:

Good morning😉💘

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Aaaaaand good night.

Kyungri of Nine Muses:

퇴근! 🐻🐻🐻 #에잇세컨즈

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I like that painting in the background. And Kyungri. Kyungri is also likable.

Junyool of Stellar:


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If this wasn’t for a photo shoot, it should have been.

Bora of SISTAR:

Nike may have Jordan. Adidas may have Kanye. Under Armour may have Curry. But Skechers has Bora.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

Jaekyung’s Instagram continues it’s months long winning streak.

Subin (and Serri) of Dal Shabet:

An adorable workout plan.

Amber and Luna of f(x):

Tried to copy her… Fail. 선영이 따라하기… 실패.

A post shared by Amber Liu 刘逸云 (@ajol_llama) on

Trollabmer reigns supreme.


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