In Titles I Thought I’d Never Write: Jessica’s Solo Debut To Feature Fabolous


jessica jung blanc eclare scarf

Jessica Jung is currently in the process of teasing her upcoming solo debut as slowly as possible which makes it unsurprising that EVEN THE TRACK LIST IS BEING DIVULGED IN PORTIONS. What is surprising is who the Ice Princess decided to grab for a feature on her upcoming single.

jessica tracklist fly

Christ, you’d think this thing have state secrets on it.

FABOLOUS!!!@!#@!#@@!!!111!! In a song with lyrics by Jessica and composed in part by  Jessica and Fabolous! I can’t say that I’m not even more intrigued, if only because I don’t know what to even expect out of a song that features Jessica and an actual rapper on it (whatever Yoona, Hyoyeon, Yuri and Sooyoung did on “The Boys” doesn’t count).

Plus, as long as it’s been since Jessica has been in the spotlight, it’s been even longer since Fabolous had a bonafide hit on his hands in “Throw It on the Bag” and, let’s be real, that was more of a The Dream hit than a Fabolous joint.

As random as this seems, Fabolous’ most well known works are closer to being R&B songs than they are hardcore bangers, so I think this could work.

I would have preferred Ja Rule myself but that’s because I just want to watch the world burn.



  1. rybackuso · · Reply

    What’s even better is Tiffany is also planning to make her solo debut in May!! Thank you Kpop gods!!

    1. By god, this is better than pro wrestling.

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