Jessica Jung Teases Her Upcoming MV With A Couple Of Instagram Shots


After a long, seemingly eternal wait, it appears that we are ever closer to witnessing the comeback of the year decade century when Jessica Jung finally descends from The Throne of Shade to bless us with a music video.

With her loosely set MV debut coming in May, the Ice Princess recently gave her royal subjects a brief tease as to what her project looks like and where it was shot. For her debut as a solo artist, it seems that Jessica is going the international route.

Also, there will be dancers involved in Jessica’s super-chic Urban (Outfitters) Desert.


The funniest thing about this? The second picture that Jessica chose to post features Jessica and seven dancers. THAT’S RIGHT. JESSICA FILLED UP HER SHOT WITH JUST ENOUGH “AWESOME DANCERS” TO EQUAL SNSD’S GROUP SIZE. SHADE KWEEN STRIKES AGAIN.

Granted, the shot’s composition is probably unintentional but I choose to believe otherwise because the alternative interpretation is so much funnier.



  1. Taengoosundies · · Reply

    As I’ve said before, she wasn’t one of my favorites but I’m looking forward to hearing her voice again. It’s been missed.

  2. Ahah I really love the idea of Jessica going in the street “Hum excuse me, could you get into the picture please ? I want to make some people mad.”

    1. I love this and it is now canon in my head.

  3. Emanuel Bernales · · Reply

    Damnnnn! Look at those backup dancers.

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