Waifu Wednesday: Hyoeun

hyoeun stellar

Lee Hyo-Eun (also known by her stage name Hyoeun) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a vocalist in K-Pop outrage machine Stellar.

Lost in the hullabaloo over Stellar’s transformation into sex personified (and that their songs are now pretty damn great) is the fact that Hyoeun is actually a pretty good singer. Her middle register vocals project a strength that allows Stellar’s sexier songs to sound bold, a quality that Stellar has wisely leaned on more and more since Hyoeun joined the group following the departure of Lee-seul and JoA. Just as importantly for Stellar, she can pull off the group’s, uh, determined choreography, extremely well.

With that, let’s celebrate everything Hyoeun.


Hyoeun is so blazingly hot that stars seek shade from her.

hyoeun stellar 23434342

Bless Stellar.

Hyoeun created god in her image.

hyoeun stellar 12313123213

Something, something, good work out, something, something, core strength.

Hyoeun is so talented that she successfully closed Pandora’s Box.

hyoeun stellar 123123

Makes me question my Minhee bias.

Hyoeun’s greatness is best measured in separate dimensions.

hyoeun stellar bnt

Supermodel status.

Hyoeun is so mindblowing that she causes nose bleeds in different time zones.

hyoeun stellar 123232355



oh my god gif



One comment

  1. One of the more underrated singers from a girl group in KPop.

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