Boss Kahi States That She Was Apparently Too Much Of A Boss For After School


Park Kahi, the ex-member and former leader/lordess of After School turned solo artist, was recently on the variety show “Taxi” where she divulged that a part of the reason why she left the group was because of some supposed conflict that she had with some of the group’s younger members.

It seems that Kahi saw herself as an actual leader/supervisor while, according to her, some of the members wanted to her to be more of a peer.

During the show, when asked why she left the girl group After School in 2012, Kahi replies, “After School originally started with five members. However, as the members increased, some of the original members started to get upset.”

“Despite the continued conflict, the company did not listen to me. I would always teach the new members when they came in, but they would just go on air and call me scary. I had no one on my side. I, too, am a woman and a part of the company,” she adds. “That’s why I decided to leave.”

“I once said on air that there’s an outsider in the group, and that outsider was actually me,” Kahi goes on to say. “I didn’t want to act like friends with the members. I wanted to perform my role as a leader correctly.”

It’s interesting to think about the role of a “leader” within a group, if only because the title’s purpose seems to either be given to the most experienced member or the member who the group’s label wants to promote the most. To the best of my knowledge, it’s a position that is not taken quite as literally as Kahi apparently took it during her tenure with After School. Still, on the flip side, it’s also easy to see why Kahi would assume a more commanding role within the group, given her general badassery and the fact that she had a good deal of seniority over the non-original members. These types of schisms are probably inevitable in any sort of pop group but this one in particular isn’t that surprising given Kahi’s own past statements on her experiences as After School’s leader and the decade-large (or longer) gap between her and the non-original members.



  1. Didn’t she say she was forced out before?

    And, assuming her words weren’t mistranslated, that some people are inevitably outcasts in a group – including After School? Supposedly she was talking about herself but she also mentioned people who “deserve to get hit”?

    Hard for me to feel sorry for her…or, for that matter, believe her.

  2. Years later and she’s still trying to push around the younger girls. Total boss.

  3. I usually think the “leader” role is K-Pop nonsense but Kahi supposedly started After School and spent more than a year putting the group together, so yeah she’s the boss, not your buddy. In any case, the dynamics in any large K-Pop girl group is likely difficult to manage.
    Happy to find out that Kahi got married last month in Hawaii! Good for her.

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