Waifu Wednesday: Jungyeon

Jungyeon Twice ww.jpg

Yoo Jeong-yeon (also known as Jungyeon) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a lead vocalist in future K-Pop ruling party TWICE.

Jungyeon may not receive as much hype as some of her fellow TWICE members but her rightful place in the JYP Entertainment group  has been well-earned. She was an original member of 6mix – the never-debuted group of JYP trainees that also included Sana, Nayeon and Jihyo. After that project imploded, she later worked her way through JYP’s reality show/hype machine Sixteen to debut for the impending TWICE juggernaut.

In other notable trivia, Jungyeon is also the younger sister of actress Gong Seung-yeon. Here are the two of them traversing through a haunted house together.

She can also “play” the saxophone about as well as I did when I was in the high school band so I can confidently say that Jungyeon is pretty much the best.


Jungyeon is so gifted that she’s put talent shows out of business permanently.



Jungyeon is so cute that she causes diamond flowers to melt.

jungyeon twice 234234

The rare “not-really-a-heart-but-who’s-counting” pose.

Jungyeon’s greatness is as inevitable as the rising tides.

jungyeon twice cheer up 123 jpg

Badass thug lyfe.

Jungyeon’s beauty is more powerful than Superman hopped up on beach rays.

jungyeon twice twins

Baseball is not boring. No sir.

Jungyeon is so perfect that she transcends the definition itself.

jungyeon twice gif

So. Much. Presence.


jonah hill fangirl



  1. And she rocks the short hair so well.

    1. She very undoubtedly does.

    2. wartooth · · Reply

      Counterpoint: Her haircut is a God damned dumpster fire.

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