TWICE Release Some Intriguing Teasers For “Cheer Up”

twice cheer up

Our inevitable future K-Pop overlords TWICE are getting geared up for their inevitable smash hit follow-up to debut single “Like OOH-AAH” and the requisite video teasers that the group has released so far have the possibility of being pretty entertaining (if taken together).

The first video teaser, which was released yesterday, seems like a conceptual mashup of SNSD’s “Oh” and AOA’s “Heart Attack,” only with the concept being sightly updated with a college/sorority house backdrop. It’s nice but it doesn’t have the same splashy appeal as a zombie apocalypse that TWICE mined for their first music video.

However, the second teaser is where the real speculative meat lies. While the first teaser is more or less a couple of conceptual photos given video form, the second teaser provides some tantalizingly entertaining hints that this video won’t (hopefully) just be TWICE prancing around in some varsity jackets.

While the teaser is left pretty ambiguous, the ominously vague slasher movie feel (combined with the sorority house-like set that’s seen in the first teaser) of the second teaser fills me with hope for “Cheer Up” being a possible TWICE-meets-Scream concept. The idea may seem to be the distant cousin of the zombie-horror trope of “Like OOH-AHH,” but that isn’t, in and of itself, a bad thing. Hell, there could be something conceptually admirable if TWICE makes it a habit of mining horror genres for pop goodness. Hopefully, the reveal of what’s scaring TWICE will be worth it (please let it be JYP in some capacity) because we all know that trashy horror movies live and die by their antagonists.

And hey, worse comes to worse, uh, TWICE makes a comeback? That’s fine too.


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