Sulli’s Instagram Greatness Confirmed Once Again

So, Sulli has been getting a lot of flack from deranged internet folk netizens for the content that she chooses to pose on Instagram, namely of herself doing things like eating whipped cream and posing for pictures with butts.

Netizens, as they are wont to do, have ascribed “blame” for the Instagram photos to Sulli herself(of course) for being insensitive to netizen fee-fees and to her boyfriend Choiza for either corrupting PURE INNOCENCE (of course) or not controlling his woman (of course).

How would Sulli, Queen Troller of Internet Comment Sections, respond? With a new series of photos (with Choiza!) that might as well be meme’d with a couple pairs of sunglasses and a blaring “DEAL WITH IT” caption.

May we all aspire to be as good at Instagram as Her Majesty Sulli.



  1. rybackuso · · Reply

    Queen Sulli: making teenage K-netz cry since 2014. I admit I didn’t like how she bolted f(x) but if she keeps the entertainment going, I’m hopping on the bandwagon.

  2. This is just about the only time a ‘kpop relationship’ hasn’t had the dude looking more feminine than the girl; go Sulli.

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