Waifu Wednesday: Hayun

hayun brave girls

Lee Hayun (or Hayoon depending on your Google-fu) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a vocalist and the new maknae in Brave Brothers on and off again project Brave Girls.

So, Hayun. Brave Girls’ newest maknae (taking the title from the group’s veteran rapper Hyeran) definitely has the, uh, determined fighting spirit of a K-Pop idol. As far as visual impact, it’s understandable that “Deepened” kicks off its opening verse with Hayun because she definitely leaves a strong first impression (And second. And billionth).

It’s the sort of impression that is effective even when Brave Girls performs their previous incarnation’s catalog.

As for public persona, Hayun professes to being a lover of sleep (who isn’t?), looking like a Chicken Run character and… having possible flatulence?

Whatever the case, Hayun is so insanely Waifu worthy that this blog could easily dedicate several Wednesdays to celebrating Brave Girls’ maknae.


Hayun is so hot that she can cause water to boil by staring at a pot.

hayun brave girls 2


Hayun causes more heart attacks than McDonald’s.

hayun brave girls 4

Somebody get this woman a Nike deal.

Hayun’s sexiness packs a punch so violent, it should be illegal.

hayun brave girls 5

Peak muscle queen concept.

Hayun’s greatness can only be measured in galaxies.

hayun brave girls selca

Flawless photographer too.

Hayun is more amazing than a bouquet of four-leaf clovers passing through a rainbow on the backs of a flock of angels.

hayun brave girls gif

I am slayed.


oh my god



  1. LOL, I was wondering when and if you would get to Hayun. It’s hard to miss the member that fills out a tank top the best.
    I’m digging all the Brave Girls love, but you have 12 week’s worth of Cosmic Girls if you ever run out of choices (ahem, Cheng Xiao).

    1. I will start doing Cosmic Girl research… For science

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