2NE1 Will Supposedly Make Music This Year But Will Do So Without Minzy

minzy 2ne1

2NE1 has enjoyed a fairly long career as one of the most successful groups in K-Pop but they will soon be without maknae Minzy, who declined to re-sign with YG Entertainment.

Still, despite the fact that that the group hasn’t released a single since 2014 (and the fact that the only member who has been making music has been spending her time making hip-pop English songs), YG apparently has every intention of soldiering on with a trio of CL, Bom and Dara.

We are sorry to inform the many 2NE1 fans who’ve waited so long. We are making an official announcement that 2NE1’s maknae Minzy will no longer be a part of 2NE1.”

“With the end of 2NE1’s contract with YG coming up on May 5, 2016, we met with the 2NE1 members this past January to discuss their intentions about re-signing. However, Minzy expressed her intentions that were different from the group.”

“The remaining three members have re-signed, and they’re preparing for a new song release for this summer as 2NE1. We are not looking for an additional member to replace Minzy.”

Honestly, the most surprising thing about the announcement is that there’s going to be a 2NE1 comeback this year. Musically, it’s doubtful that the group will miss much of a beat (a Bom and CL duo could probably carry most any production) and, hey, maybe Dara will get to do something this time, right!?!?! RIGHT!?!?!?!?! 

As for Minzy, her ability to make a dance floor sizzle will certainly be missed.

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  1. rybackuso · · Reply

    Not a YG stan, but it’s sad that 2NE1 lost their most (arguably only) talented member.

  2. I am not terribly surprised. Shortly after it was announced that CL was going to solo promote in America there was a Cryptic post by Minzy on her Instagram or Twitter, that was along the lines of “Well I guess that’s over.” Then when she opened a dance studio in the last year, it looked like she was maybe planning for a post 2NE1 life. Sometimes too, we forget that some idols have had enough after that first contract is done especially if they aren’t a huge star in their own right and if there isn’t an exceptionally tight personal bond in their group that makes them want to stay around to be with their closest friends or not be the one who starts the stampede out the door and ends up being considered the Yoko Ono of their group.

    Minzy also got a lot of netizen grief this last year for obvious cosmetic surgery and probably saw how shabbily Bom has been treated and maybe she simply said “Fuck it!” If she has been careful with her money she’s probably pretty well set for life, and her dance studio will likely do well as long as she knows how to manage finances. She should have plenty of well-paying customers in parents that figure that getting their little future meal-ticket, er I mean idol, enrolled at her studio will help prep her or him for auditions for the majors or get them scouted more easily. I suspect that Min of Miss A and Hyoyeon will eventually have dance studios one day partly because they enjoy dancing, partly because they aren’t going into acting or solo singing careers, and partly because it would be a good business for them if they run it right.

    I am surprised that they are going to let Bom come back as her appearance at the Golden Disk Awards got K-netizens all fired up negatively, though international fans seemed excited. Maybe Papa YG finally realizes that the haters are gonna hate and nothing will make them stop, so play to the people that still are fans in Korea, and remember there is an assload of money to be made by 2NE1 all over East Asia, and if by some form of luck CL ever does end up with a hit in the US, Dara, CL, and Bom all speak excellent English and could crossover as an English-speaking act which is really big bucks. The funny thing is I bet 2NE1’s overseas earnings would dwarf their Korean earnings. As long as Bom is prepared to deal with some heckling at some events, and the hater-ade that some folks will be drinking and spitting out, then bring her back.

  3. Not a 2ne1 fan but Can’t Nobody was one of the songs that got me indoctrinated into kpop. So its sad that its come to this. The ero-maknae had such a powerful presence.

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