Sulli’s Claim To Instagram Greatness Continues Unabated


Not so quietly, former K-Pop star and current actress/social media provocateur Sulli has slowly but surely engineered a total mastery of netizen trolling following the creation of her Instagram account after she withdrew from f(x).

While the grumblings over Sulli’s apparent corrupting of innocent minds/entertainment has been growing for months now, things came to a head last week when the venerable netizen puppetmaster posted this video of herself scandalously… eating whipped cream.

Reactions to that scarring image predictably blamed Choiza (because he made Sulli into a pervert or something) and netizens expressed bewilderment that Sulli would post such a thing when they had already raised as stink about her other trollish Instagram pics.

[ +146 / -11] There isn’t a problem eating whip cream but if you watch the video, it looks as if she is reinacting some adult videos. How much does she like whip cream that she is posting a video about it? I know delusional fans are always protecting her but Sulli is probably enjoying all this. She is purposefully intending sexual acts to provoke fans. If you see Sulli’s old posts, they were so innocent… Choiza is responsible for this

[ +109 / 0] So true… Sulli has always been criticized for her old posts already but she still posts these things despite the fact that people are very sensitive towards her… Tsk

“WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE NETIZENS” – said increasingly deranged internet person for the fiftieth time this year.

How would Sulli respond to the hordes of netizens with whipped cream fetishes and weird sexual hangups? Like a god damn boss.

You better believe that netizens took this one particularly well:

Choiza, please take Sulli to the hospital,” “Can someone please take her to the hospital..” and, “Really, even if it’s not treatment, she needs to receive something like mental counseling.. Her boyfriend probably isn’t enjoying stuff like that with her, right?..;;”  

Sulli’s Adventures In Driving Netizens Insane may be my favorite sub-plot of this season of K-Pop.



  1. Didn’t know this was such an issue, I find it hard to reconcile Korean’s overt sexploitation of women (and men) within K-Pop and their decidedly puritan reactions to things like eating whip cream. Credit to Sulli for being a master-troll. At least she swallows. Hee hee.

    1. Yeah, it is funny how you see videos filled with Lolita tropes from girl groups and homo-erotic fan service among boy band members and that is mostly ignored, but if you dare date, or worse hint that you enjoy sex and even more sex outside of marriage and the 14 year-old Netizen cultural morality police will go ape shit. You see underage maknaes regularly being objectified by the entertainment companies and videos are full of Peeping Tom and groper tropes.

    2. David B · · Reply

      The difference seems to be sexuality that is controlled/directed by an outside source (totally fine!) versus sexuality expressed and embraced wholly by one’s self (OH NOES SO BAD).

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