Selca Sunday Is The Cure To Weekend Blues

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where a week’s worth of “X took a picture on social media” posts are consolidated into one nearly context-free post of cool. In this week’s edition, Hyosung comebacks are properly celebrated and appreciated. Without further ado:

Woori of Rainbow:

Your weekly PSA that fitness is good for your long-term health and well-being.

Nana of After School:

#세라발레아웃렛 #밀라노쇼핑 #맥아더글렌 #SerravalleDesignerOutlet

A post shared by NANA (@jin_a_nana) on

Nana is so impossible that she makes a selfie stick work.

Sojin of Girl’s Day:

Short hair agrees with Sojin.

Junyool of Stellar:

#12시30분 #비스트 #dance #cover

A post shared by 전유리 (@youlri_0320) on

Junyool pretty much improves any performance.

Yubin of Wonder Girls:

Yubin’s glare is my everything.

Seolhyun of AOA:


Jaekyung of Rainbow:

#MANTA @manta_dream Fun in Enjoyment! 내가 필리핀에온이유🌴 #jaekyung

A post shared by Jaekyung🌈 (@_kimjaekyung_) on


Hyuna of 4Minute and Jessi:

A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on

Coming soon 📸 #instylekorea #reebok

A post shared by Jessi 제시 (@jessicah_o) on

Reebok may have next to no presence in the US but their K-Pop game is on point.

That’ll do it for this week. Catch y’all on the work week.



  1. I didn’t know I could be as dead as I am after all of Jaekyung’s from today and yesterday, holy shit.

    1. Jaekyung is somehow more underrated than Rainbow and that is a crying shame.

      1. Pretty sure she’s the perfect human being.

  2. Jaekyung has the right idea. Why can’t this be Rainbows next concept?

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