Attractive Celebrity Is Dating Attractive Celebrity: Kai And Krystal Edition


In news that is now definitely not some elaborate April Fools prank put on by SM Entertainment, it has been confirmed that EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal are now dating.

The story originally broke last night. The two apparently try to meet up when their global-traveling schedules allow.

Kai was in Korea on February 16, having returned from Los Angeles. He was due to go back to the United States for EXO’s Chicago concert on February 19. In between, Kai met up with Krystal on February 17. They met at a lobster restaurant in Gangbuk, a favorite of the Jung Sisters (Krystal and Jessica Jung).

According to Dispatch, this is how Kai and Krystal date: trying to find time between their busy schedules that take them around the world. The two also met up on March 1 after Kai returned from Jakarta, Indonesia, and Krystal returned from Nagoya, Japan.

SM Entertainment briskly confirmed that the two are dating/getting to know each other.

“The two were close friends and began having feelings for each other this year.”

Idol-dating may not have the greatest success rate but that is understandable when an idol’s career is pretty much a combination of a full-time job and the equivalent of an unhealthily imbalanced commitment with one’s own label. Still, here’s wishing one insanely attractive person well on their journey with another insanely attractive person. May we all be so #blessed.

Hopefully, Kai-stal (KrysKai?) will not cause the internet to devolve into the shrieking mess that was left in the wake of EXO Baekhyun’s relationship with cougar/temptress/cookie-fetishist/spy messenger Taeyeon. I’m not sure if my brain could take another one of those.



  1. Oh, I am certain the sasaeng EXO fans have already been sticking their freshly-sharpened knives into Krystal on all of the relevant forums and her SMS accounts. It’s Korea and he is in one of the most popular boy bands, so a bunch of middle school girls will be raising their shrill voices at Krystal and leveling death threats for touching their oppa and burning effigies of her in the street next to Kim Jong Un.

    Even if this didn’t work out for both of them, I’m just glad they are doing some dating as you need that at that age even if it is just to learn from one’s mistakes such as choices in partner, how you balance work/school and a relationship, and how to handle yourself around someone you like. The older you get without dating the more awkward it becomes quite often.

    1. I just hope that no cookies are harmed in the duration of this relationship.

      1. Yes, I understand the boycott of Oreo’s worldwide from Taeyeon’s misstep set off alarm bells at Nabisco when sales plummeted.

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