Waifu Wednesday: Yuna

yuna brave girls ww

Rocking them Js.

Lee Yuna (better known as Yuna) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for sharing the name with a certain more famous AOA-related Yuna being a new member and the lead vocalist in K-Pop group Brave Girls.

Like the majority of Brave Girls’ current roster, Yuna’s career is fairly young. Yet, outside of the group’s new additions, aside from Minyoung, Yuna probably makes the strongest impression. Her voice has a plaintive clarity to it that helps puncture the spacey dreaminess of “Deepened” and she is able to project an aura of badassery that is kind of difficult to ignore. It’s little wonder that she apparently enjoys the popularity of female fans while also, according to Hyeran, having a more masculine presence about her.

yuna brave girls 234523423

Hyeran still spitting hot fire.

yuna brave girls profile

Yuna getting all the girl crushes.

After extensive research, let’s just conclude that both observations are correct.

Yuna exudes a masculine presence and is also ungodly hot. PIX DUNT LY.

yuna brave girls deepened 2

Would definitely let her split me in half.


Yuna is so beautiful that she stumps Shakespeare’s ghost.

yuna brave girls 1

Also, her hairstyle for this comeback was perfect.

Yuna’s sexiness is more powerful than a runaway train powered by several stars.

yuna brave girls deepened

The charisma is strong in this one.

Yuna is more amazing than a leprechaun riding a flying pig.

yuna brave girls selca

She can also cause extreme melting.

Yuna’s eyes are portals into the best timeline.

yuna brave girls deepened 1

Aaaaaaand, I’m dead.

Yuna is responsible for more nose bleeds than MMA.

yuna brave girls heart



feels dolphin



  1. Yuna reminds me of some models who never smile, but still manage to look incredible. Oh man, that pout!

    1. That pout melts steel.

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