Review: Hyosung – “Find Me” Finally Has Hyosung Finding Her Groove


As sure-fire as the concept of “Hyosung solo project” should be, SECRET’s vocalist first two solo music videos suffered from similar problems – namely that the songs themselves weren’t quite… good. “Good-night Kiss”  was an acceptable dance pop song shackled with a terrible “K-I-S-S-I-N-G” problem. Perhaps even worse, Hyosung’s sophomore effort “Into You” was basically a nothingburger of a song, the sort of instantly forgettable fluff that pop factories around the world pump out every summer. Thankfully, Hyosung’s latest comeback, “Find Me,” manages to correct the similar flaws that were prevalent in her previous solo works by giving Hyosung a more livelier beat that suits her talents as a singer.

As captivating as she is on screen, Hyosung is not an incredibly ear-catching singer. The woman can definitely carry a tune but she isn’t a vocal powerhouse nor does she have a unique delivery to help separate her from the multitude of singers in K-Pop. This definitely hurt Hyosung’s previous releases because both relied too heavily on her to carry productions that lacked good hooks or memorable beats. “Find Me,” in comparison, marries Hyosung’s vocal competence with a disco dance tune that suits her well. The brisk tempo combined with thumping bass and deep keys gives “Find Me” some much needed energy and gravity that keeps Hyosung’s higher delivery tethered to more earthy grounds than either of her previous releases. A brief rap by D.Action helpfully propels the action along, providing a “break” that nonetheless doesn’t let the propulsive energy of “Find Me” flounder. In many ways, the production is the star of the show with an often double-tracked Hyosung playing second fiddle in her own solo effort. And yet, “Find Me” works precisely because the choice to go with a unrepentant disco beat doesn’t require Hyosung to carry a lot of the weight by herself (And this isn’t a knock on Hyosung. Son Dam Bi built an entire career making these types of songs and I luv me some Dam Bi music).

While “Find Me” may have had its soloist take a sonic back seat, the video continues the fine tradition of putting Hyosung front and center for its video (No matter what problems I had with Hyosung’s solo singles, the visuals were not one of them). “Find Me” won’t win any points for creativity but the worst that one can say about it is that is a dance-in-a-box video made well. The video is shot coherently enough so that the actual dance moves can, for the most part, be appreciated. The lighting and sets make great use of playing rich punches of color off of the whiteness that dominate the frame whether that be by injecting some deep hues in front of blinding white lights or contrasting Hyosung’s mind melting wardrobe with whatever background is lucky enough to share a scene with her.

Unsurprisingly, like in her other music videos, Hyosung looks utterly, incomprehensibly, devastatingly glorious. Granted, that fact is almost certainly one of the main reasons why a Hyosung solo career exists in the first place but it bears mentioning again (and again and again). The woman can melt screens.

By giving Hyosung a pumping dance track that doesn’t require her to go above and beyond the call of an above-average pop singer, “Find Me” finds itself (I’m so sorry for that) with an agreeable song to go with its dependably agreeable video. It may have taken a few tries to get right but there’s no denying that third time’s the charm for Hyosung with “Find Me.”



  1. Well it’s nice to see that elements are coming together for Hyosung. It seems like Secret may be history with even Hana being rumored to make a solo debut now and Sunhwa and Hana apparently not only not being particularly fond of one another, but letting their disdain for each other spill into public with some rather pointed comments that were clearly aimed at the other. Hyosung is never going to be confused with a Lee Hi, Ailee, Hyorin, or other top vocalist, but she can hold her own vocally, and when you have a face that pretty and those curves, you are going to get a lot of attention as long as your music is half decent. Hyosung is part of the reason I stuck around checking out K-pop long enough to get hooked on it because of video like this. First of all it is a homage to film noir (How can you not like the darkness and moral ambiguity of the genre and of course the femme fatales), then the first 35 seconds of Hyosung (Oof-tah), plus it was a great song and video.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering why SECRET hasn’t been heard from in a while. They were one of the few groups that I really liked for their concept of retro 50ish sounds.

  2. Mistertadakichi · · Reply

    The male backup dancers’ “choreography” at the 2:43 mark is basically just the average male’s response to Hyosung’s looks.

    1. I let out such a stupid guffaw after seeing this and going back to the video.

      1. Yup, it’s one of those things that you can’t unnotice once you see it.

    2. LOL, I didn’t see that the first time around (was distracted by the aggressive chest popping of the female dancers).
      As much as I absolutely love boobies, even I’m a little tired of the over-reliance of Hyosung on her’s to hawk songs (0m19s). Hyosung is a very good dancer, with or without boob-rubbing moves.

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