Waifu Wednesday: Yoojin

yujin brave girls 324234

Jung Yoo-jin (better known as Yoojin or Yujin) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being an original member of new-old K-Pop group Brave Girls.

Even though she’s technically been a K-Pop performer since Brave Girls debuted back in 2011, it’s a bit difficult to find much to talk about when it comes to Yoojin. While Hyeran at least had the benefit of being the group’s rapper (and former maknae), Yoojin was, and continues to be, a vocalist among many. To her credit, Yoojin’s voice is definitely nice to listen to and she can reach light and high notes that work within the spacey confines of Brave Brothers modern disco productions. She also seems to be a bit on the quieter side for an idol judging by this clip (The other members essentially step in to promote Yoojin on her behalf. Also: “Notable Matters: I’m not sure. Sorry.” Insert sad face emoticon here).

Still, as one of two original members of Brave Girls, Yoojin has more than paid her dues and for that, she should be applauded/worshiped for all its worth.


Yoojin is so beautiful that she makes stone statues blush.

yujin brave girls

Fitness is a virtue.

Yoojin’s dancing is so flawless that gods have signed up for lessons.

yoojin brave girls 324

Brave Girls everywhere.

Yoojin could burn a hole through the sun.

yoojin brave girls

A wink that could slay a thousand miles away.

Yoojin’s voice could charm a literal wet blanket.

Yoojin brave girls 234234234324

From back in the day.

Yoojin is so amazing that her life story is filed under Mythology.

yoojin brave girls deepened

Something, something, YAAAASSS


washed away in feels



  1. Both Yoojin & Hyeran look better now than when they debuted. “Deepened” is turning out to be one of my favourite songs this year with repeat listening. Let’s hope their next song is more catchy and propels them up the charts. Would love to see more of these ladies.
    Also, if you’re sticking to Brave Girls for WW, I’d suggest Yuna. She’s extremely pretty.

    1. Yuuuup, Yuna’s probably next week.

  2. Do you have a BG theme going or something? I only found one member attractive when I watched their MV but I forget which member it was.

    1. Kinda. Always looking for more suggestions but I’m really feeling “Deepened” right now and Brave Girls is basically a new group with some WW worthy members on it.

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