TWICE’s Tzuyu Autographs Her Exam Desk For Future School Shrine

tzuyu twice

Because the choice was between going over this or the prostitution ring scandal, and it’s a Monday and I would rather start off the week with something light and dumb, TWICE member and suspected Taiwanese freedom fighter Tzuyu recently went back to Taiwan to take the equivalent of a middle school GED test.

Tzuyu was reportedly met by a “throng of fans and press” at her testing site which has to be one of the most surreal sights imaginable because state educational exams are among the most soul-sucking human endeavors to ever exist outside of filling out tax forms and watching Michael Bay movies. For her part, Tzuyu definitely looked like a teenager readying herself for tedious reading comprehension and geometry questions.



However, the TWICE prodigy couldn’t even escape her celebrity within the sacred space of the classroom/testing center. Her exam proctor actually asked if she could be so kind as to sign her desk. Ever the professional, Tzuyu agreed to the impromptu fan sign event.

Her proctor requested that she sign her desk, so Tzuyu wrote a smiley face, the date of her test, as well as a message reading, “It’s TWICE’s Tzuyu. Shuanhua Elementary school, fighting!” with her autograph.

Amusingly, the school then made sure that the Tzuyu Desk Signing could not be construed as any sort of controversy as the facility emphasized that the autograph was entirely their idea and not the work of some renegade vandal. The principal of the school testing site went on to state that the desk was brought in specifically for the exam (so it’s not as if some poor child will have to learn to read and write while sitting on the floor this week) and that the desk will become some sort of exhibit in the future (a little strange, but whatever).

That’s actually… pretty bulletproof. Someone should hire this principal as a K-Pop PR representative posthaste.



  1. Apparently Tzuyu now has ninjas as bodyguards. It is kind of funny how she is 17 now I think, but is just now graduating from middle school because apparently she has been set back a couple years due to being overseas as a trainee. I am kind of surprised she didn’t transfer to a Korean school that caters to international students. Considering what a meat grinder East Asian schools are with their testing, she’s probably fortunate that she has missed a lot of school and maybe isn’t all that concerned with college entrance exams. Ironically, she is going to make a lot more money in a few years by focusing on being a trainee than most of her college bound peers will ever make in decades.

    Of course, that assumes she doesn’t decide to resign from Twice to lead a pro-democracy movement in the PRC while championing diplomatic recognition for Taiwan at the UN and personally freeing Tibet after challenging Xi Jinping to a high stakes game of Pai Gow and being named the new Dalai Lama.

    It is nice that you didn’t weigh into the prostitution scandal. I’m kind of bummed at the info coming out today.

    1. Yeah, didn’t really want to say anything about that while it’s still developing and I didn’t think that I had that much of worth to say about the subject either. It’s just sad.

  2. I see today that now Taiwanese Netizens are criticizing Tzuyu for having so much police protection at the exam that apparently was not being paid for by JYP, but the taxpayers. Poor girl, she just can’t win it seems.

    In other silly news Korean Netizens are bashing Seolhyun because her skin is being lightened by makeup and photo editing. Apparently it isn’t the lightening they are bashing, it is that her skin is dark enough that it needs to be lightened so she isn’t really pretty because she has dark skin. Well Seolhyun, Bora, Yuri, Hyroin, etc. are perfectly welcome to immigrate to the US where they will be considered hot regardless of their skin tone. I will be a stand up guy and sponsor them if they need it and they can stay at my place. I am so generous…lol.

    1. No one is allowed to win in K-Pop.

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