Reviewish: Red Velvet – “One Of These Nights” Is Visually Beautiful

red velvet one of these nights

Coming off the amazing, energetic “Dumb Dumb,” Red Velvet has taken an entirely different route with their latest comeback “One of These Nights.” While the comeback is essentially a paint-by-the-numbers ballad, the music video itself manages to more than make up for its backing track.

The best and worst thing that one can say about “One of These Nights” is that it’s a fine ballad sung well. As is usually the case with ballads, what separates a great one from a good one is often a matter of small degrees as the format doesn’t allow for much experimentation. While Red Velvet inject every bar with a solid soulfulness, the backing track takes a bit too long to get going and that robs the song of a dramatic flourish that great ballads make so memorable. It doesn’t help that the gradual buildup doesn’t quite pay off either as the song seems to believe that simply raising the volume of the music and the vocalists somehow translates into a climax. Still, as a ballad, “One of These Nights” is perfectly fine. Each member of Red Velvet exhibits some great controlled chops and the music is, at worst, non-distracting which actually serves the music video quite well.

As a video, “One of These Nights” is a work of art. Each set could have been its own pictorial and some of the ways that shots are framed in this video are truly creative and impressive to witness. The craftily directed and edited long-panning shots across several sets are a joy to watch unfold and that ambition carries through the whole video.

The surreal dreamscape nature of the concept allows Red Velvet to pretty much go anywhere with the video and the comeback takes full advantage of its creative freedom by implementing a ton of diverse sets in Red Velvet’s Nature Fun House, from a strikingly beautiful forest shot to a rain-drenched boat to a gathering below a gorgeous night sky.

Indeed, the video is so enthralling that the ballad transforms into pleasant background noise. While it may not be ideal as a single, “One of These Nights” is a gratifying music video. The fact that the music takes a backseat to the visuals isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when the visuals that the video does capture are as beautiful as they are here. “One of These Nights” understands that if you’re going to be promoting a standard ballad, you better bring something amazing to the table to keep audiences on their toes. Thankfully, the visuals in Red Velvet’s latest comeback are amazing enough to be their own silent film.



  1. I was surprised when I saw this release as SM had just announced early in the week that Red Velvet’s comeback had been delayed and it was pretty obvious it was either due to feeling the lead single was weak or that the album was too full of filler. I am guessing this is a pre-release track as SM often releases a few weeks before the main release. It always makes me nervous when you see a release date cancelled as something must be seriously wrong for an A&R guy to actually get management to pull the plug as the single feels weak. You wonder how an album can get a few weeks out from release and have a weak single that has kept being passed along as acceptable. I give YG credit that they will delay committing to a date until he is fully satisfied that the release is good enough. I wish other companies would be willing to delay than to release fluff and filler.

  2. As an RV stan, I’m kind of disappointed that they chose this as a title track. The song is good, don’t get me wrong, but it feels more like it should’ve been the last song on the album. Cool Hot Sweet Love would have been a better choice for the title track.

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