Waifu Wednesday: Hyeran

hyeran brave girls deepened

Noh Hye-Ran is a South Korean idol rapper and dancer. She is best known for being one of two performers who has been a member of Brave Girls since the group’s official debut in 2011.

Hyeran’s K-Pop journey has been anything but typical. She gained some attention during her debut thanks to her old dance videos and her apparent resemblance to Son Dam Bi but, like the rest of the old Brave Girls roster, Hyeran would fade from public consciousness following the group’s years long hiatus. Thankfully, when Brave Brothers finally remembered that he had a girl group decided to arrange a Brave Girls comeback in 2016, Hyeran was included in the mostly-new roster. When one looks at what Hyeran brings to Brave Girls, the decision to keep her on makes sense. Her rapping is more than adequate for the type of music that Brave Girls produces and her dancing skills that initially caught netizen attention are not to be passed over.

Now, as a veteran of the group, she is involved in helping train her fellow Brave Girls in dance routines (along with Minyoung).

A year ago, it would have seemed unlikely that Hyeran would make a comeback as a member of Brave Girls. Hopefully, Hyeran and Brave Girls have a few more comebacks left in them.


Hyeran spits fire so hot that it melts steel beams.

hyeran brave girls 1

Back in the day.

Hyeran is so unbelievable that she transcends distinctions between fiction and non-fiction.

hyeran brave girls 34324

Yay for having more than one comeback to work with.

Hyeran is so breathtaking that gazing upon her requires several oxygen tanks.

hyeran brave girls 324234324234324

I am a big fan of… those AJ 8s.

Hyeran’s appeal is so strong that it can split mountains in half.

hyeran brave girls 3423423423423

Like a phoenix, rising from the ashes.

Hyeran is so talented, she’s renowned across several timelines.

hyeran brave girls gif

Still got it.


orson clap




  1. I like how Hyeran’s great stage presence. I mean just look at her at the 2m55s mark:

    1. That is some powerful presence right there.

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