JYP Entertainment Apologizes For Dumb Tzuyu Shirt Controversy

tzuyu shirt twice

Somehow, someway, a collaborative performance of accursed K-Pop fluff “Gee” between TWICE and G-Friend became an unintended source of hilarity/embarrassment thanks to a shirt that TWICE’s Tzuyu wore for the bit.

While fluency in English is not a skill that a K-Pop wardrobe stylist would normally have to have to do their job, it COULD have possibly been helpful in preventing Tzuyu from walking onto the stage with a shirt blaring the silly phrase “HOES TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES.” (Is this actually a saying? I can honestly say that I had not heard the phrase “HOES TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES” before this became a thing.)

The fact that the shirt states something blatantly unintendedly hilarious derogatory was quickly picked up by principled journalists (although I truthfully found the shirts that said “CARBS” and “I ❤ BEER” to be infinitely more distracting and nonsensical), forcing JYP Entertainment to once again apologize for a completely unforced error regarding Tzuyu.

“We apologize for the concern the outfit controversy caused TWICE’s fans. We were unaware of the message written on the T-shirt.”

The agency representative added, “We’ll pay special attention to the outfits and other elements going forward so that something like this won’t happen again. Again, we apologize for causing concern.”

Unlike the previous Tzuyu controversy that somehow became something of a political brouhaha, at least this one is mostly harmless and sort of funny when one considers how JYP has seemingly made it his personal mission to market his groups internationally while also failing to foresee the trivial (this dumb shirt stuff) and not-so-trivial complications (the Taiwan/China Tzuyu stuff, the fundamental misunderstanding of the American market regarding the Wonder Girls) that comes with international exposure.

With that said, if anyone can point me in the direction of a “CARBS” t-shirt, it would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Man those are some awful ‘I found these in an Asian market for £1 each’ shirts they’re wearing. Hoes take off your clothes is incredible though, especially when it’s on someone who is essentially an infant.

  2. J. Caution · · Reply

    I live in mainland China and have seen unaware students and even toddlers wear t-shirts with much worse English phrases, so I’m guessing the Chinese netizens will be more understanding with this second (twice’s the charm?) scandal.

    1. Oh yeah, this one is just funny. I don’t think anyone is actually giving Tzuyu or TWICE shit about this.

  3. That was too funny. I’d like to think that someone in wardrobe picked that shirt out (or printed it) intentionally. Either a clueless intern or a shrewd marketing executive.

    Do a search for ‘Carbs T-Shirt’ on Google and you’d get tons.

    Jihyo should count herself lucky she didn’t get dressed in the one that reads “Eat Me, I’m Low Carb”

    1. Thanks! I am contemplating getting a Carbs t-shirt right now just for shits and giggles.

  4. That principled journalism though…

    1. We live in a golden age of media.

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