Selca Sunday Keeps It 100 All Day

Aaaaand we’re back. Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the Instagram train never stops and the points don’t matter. In this week’s edition, Jungsis is real and it is glorious. Without further ado:

Hyuna of Nine Muses:

📸 – Time Flies ❣

A post shared by MOON Ⅱ 문현아 (@moongom119) on

Out of all those clothes, nothing tops the bunny slippers that Hyuna’s rocking.

Nana of After School:

DHC광고촬영장. 보라보라한고무랑나 ♡ #DHC

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Cool dog is cool.

Eunjung of T-ara:

Good night ⛺

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Eunjung definitely goes to sleep looking exactly like that.

Woohee of Dal Shabet:

저 자세..생각보다 진짜 힘들다.. #에코필라테스 #ecopilates >_<

A post shared by 희릿 (@woohee91) on

Woohee with some educational Pilates training.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

Camera angle expert Jaekyung at work.

Seolhyun of AOA:

Dress to impress.

Woori of Rainbow and Amber of f(x):

I am beginning to think that there has to be five clones of Amber running around.

Jia of miss A and Amber of f(x):

#rihanna #work thanks to @ajol_llama

A post shared by Mengjia (@mjbaby0203) on


A post shared by Mengjia (@mjbaby0203) on

Amber is an omnipresent K-Pop deity.



  1. 1 Jungsis is the sweetest thing.
    2 Jaekyung is an expert at the selca game.
    3 Is Nana being bullied by a puppy?

    1. The puppy is swearing allegiance to Nana.

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