Waifu Wednesday: Minyoung

minyoung brave girls

Kim Min Young (better known as Minyoung) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being one of the new faces in sorta-new, sorta-old K-Pop group Brave Girls.

Although she is one of the five new additions to Brave Girls, Minyoung stands out as being Brave Girls’ eldest member as well as the group’s main vocalist. Given the fact that “Deepened” displays some rather assertive sheen on its vocals, it’s a bit difficult to judge Minyoung based on her first comeback but it certainly says something that she was given the title of main vocalist. (As for “Deepened,” Minyoung’s parts , double-tracked as they are, have a nice spacey quality that sits comfortably on the middle register which is perfect for the dance R&B that Brave Brothers seems to favor for Brave Girls. She does have a small problem with her control when singing more loudly.)

Adorably, even though she’s the eldest member, it seems that the rest of the group doesn’t mind teasing Minyoung every now and then, if only because doing so seems to elicit some humorous reactions. She also has a background in ballet, which gives some context as to her history as a performer.

Here’s to the 25 year old rookie.


Minyoung’s moves are so fierce that they require safety checks.

minyoung brave girls 5

Packing so much heat.

Minyoung is so talented that her various movements are creating entirely new fields of scientific study.

minyoung brave girls 6

Jealous of those abs tho.

Minyoung could turn a rock into a puddle of tears.

minyoung brave girls 4

There is a lot of good happening here.

Minyoung is so incredible that the Hulk is exploring whether he can sue her for copyright infringement.

minyoung brave girls 3

Fists of fury.

Minyoung’s stare is more electrifying than a power plant being struck by lightning twice.

minyoung gif

Cannot be measured in volts.


j law perfectin

Edit: I’m going to be out of town for the next few days, so I may not post much, if at all. Be back by Sunday.


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