FIESTAR Drop Glorious Teaser For OK-Sounding ‘Mirror’

fiestar mirror mv teaser

With only a few days before the release of their 2nd mini-album, ‘A Delicate Sense,’ FIESTAR has released the video teaser for their new lead single “Mirror” and if the teaser is in any way representative of the final product (a dicey proposition in any circumstances), this is gonna be be good.

Truthfully, the beat sounds like it could be a dud. The plodding synths are straight up Ambien and the slower pacing seems almost too similar to the group’s last comeback “You’re Pitiful” so unless FIESTAR is hiding a killer chorus up their collective sleeves, the group may have to rely on their, uh, killer determination and nearly unparalleled artistic talents to carry the comeback. Luckily, the teaser has those qualities fully on display.

I’m not sure how I feel about FIESTAR’s Sensual Trip to the Victorian House of Mirror  as a concept (old-timey photos of stern-looking long-deceased people freak me out) but I will bravely combat those fears for Cao Lu and the ingenuity of man-made bathing constructs.



  1. Hmm… not sure about this concept either. I liked ‘You’re Pitiful’ but that was a sombre concept as well. This looks to be another MV where none of the girls will smile, which really is a crime against humanity, since FIESTAR has some of the most gorgeous looking members around.

    1. Linzy really has that cute-sexy thing going for her. She isn’t as sexy as Hyuna, who is the current master of cute-sexy, but she’s close.

      1. Since it doesn’t seem like they’re switching up concepts right now, I hope they do something a bit brighter next time around.

      2. Yes, that would be nice. Their first two singles were actually pretty good. Their third single was fun, but like G.Na’s “Pretty Lingerie” it had a creepy voyeur/pervert feel to it that seems all too common in K-pop videos.

        Speaking of G.Na have you seen that a few days after Cube announced that they had parted ways, her name came up as being the recognizable celebrity in a prostitution case where someone in the US apparently was paying some one in Korea to provide some idols for sex here (Mostly nobodies with the exception of one who people would recognize). I haven’t seen anything official. I hope that it isn’t true. I’d hate to see her career end on a sour note like that. It’s horrible timing for her if it isn’t true as such a rumor will scare away any entertainment companies unless something comes out soon that verifies that she is not the celebrity in question. I haven’t heard that she has refuted the rumor, so that doesn’t seem good for her. Usually if someone was innocent and such a rumor was out there, they would be very public in discrediting it. G.Na was really pretty and she sang pretty well. She had some promise early on, but Cube seemed to have lost interest in her. Considering many idols don’t earn that much except at the very top, I can see where some idols being offered $5-10k for a night with a fan might bite. The average idol supposedly makes about $30k per year and that is probably skewed by the really successful ones. Most idols probably make little if anything at all despite working very long hours much of the time. Being offered something that might be the equivalent of several months pay for may 12 hours or less of work is almost a no-brainer especially if your career appears to be stalling out (Cash in while you can). Well hopefully it isn’t true and G.Na lands someplace good, so maybe we get to see her some more and she has some success again.

  2. It would be a shame to waste the momentum that Yezi and Cao Lu have been building up for the group over the last year. I wasn’t to thrilled with what I heard in the teaser either. The members look great obviously. I think Loen doesn’t really have the right management in place to handle groups. They do great with IU, but their groups seem to rarely get that right song or follow a hit with a dud forcing them to start all over again. Their soloists outside of IU are rarely charting. I guess that is why they have been busy acquiring other labels like Starship or buying interest in labels they distribute (If we aren’t successful at this label business, acquire or invest in ones that are).

  3. Well, it’s not half bad but I can’t see this charting much. On a bright note, Cao Lu got to sing more than one line.

  4. No words to describe this. Just watch.

    1. Yup, I am not sure if there is a way to unpack this one.

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