Selca Sunday Is Peak Good

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the selcas are plentiful and the points (and placement) don’t matter. In this week’s edition, Hara is not forgotten. Without further ado:

Subin of Dal Shabet:

I would definitely watch a Subin-led Little Mermaid musical.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

Rainbow comebacks are great for a lot of reasons.

Hyosung of SECRET:

Dat hair tho.

Kyungri of Nine Muses:

#MSG #메이크오버 #뷰티 💖

A post shared by 박경리 (@gyeongree) on

We are through the social media looking glass.

Jiyeon of T-ara:

Patio chair life.

Minhee and Gayoung of Stellar:

Seems like the best vacation ever taken.

Min of miss A:

Min’s Instagram is truly a work of art.

Amber of f(x) and Ailee:

Many faces of the llama @ajol_llama

A post shared by itzailee (@aileeonline) on

Just Amber things.

That’ll do it for this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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