Mamamoo Releases Awesome “You’re The Best 0.5 x 2” Choreography MV

mamamoo you're the best 0.5 x 2

Unsurprisingly, Mamamoo has found a rather fun way to create an interesting choreography video for their latest comeback “You’re the Best.”

Usually, choreography videos seem kind of pointless (outside of keeping a comeback in the news cycle as long as humanly possible) as the groups themselves will usually be on any number of television programs repeating their dance routine for weeks on end. When groups do try to make their dance videos interesting, it’s usually through alternative outfits (think of STELLAR’s trollishly cute dance practice videos) or thematic framing (think of AOA’s dance practice eyefuck “eye contact” videos). In either case, the videos don’t require much more than a dress rehearsal run through.

Probably because that shit is simply too easy, Mamamoo’s own version of a dance video for “You’re the Best” does things differently. Instead of merely filming the choreography from one of the set pieces from “You’re the Best” or doing a few takes from a practice room, Solar and company manually did their routine at about half speed and then, through the magic of editing, had that performance “sped up” to mimic that of a normal dance video. The resulting video is impressive, if for no other reason than it looks sorta like an average choreography video, albeit one that was made to resemble a flip book with less than optimal lip-syncing.

Still, as great as this is, I am praying to every deity that I can list in my head that the raw footage of the “slo-mo” version is released one day because, if the teaser for the “0.5 x 2” version is any indication, those clips should be solid gold.

Solar’s cheeks are everything.


One comment

  1. They could have added more clever bits (Hwasa clapping in normal thing at the start for example) but this was still pretty cool and creative. I think most groups are so well-rehearsed they can do their dance routines in double time, in reverse or in their sleep.
    Here’s one of my favourite ‘dance practice’ videos. Crayon Pop literally “dancing in the moonlight” (verse from Dancing Queen), on their way back to their dorms after buying late night snacks from a convenient store, whilst in their pajamas.

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