Waifu Wednesday: Yoojung

yujeong brave girls

Nam Yoojung (better known as Yoojung [or Yujeong]) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being one of the new members in Brave Girls 2.0.

Unfortunately, for essentially coming back as a new group, Brave Brothers didn’t put nearly any time into actually introducing the five new members of the seven member Brave Girls. As such, all that I could really dig up about Yoojung for now is that she’s a vocalist in the group. Her part in “Deepened” isn’t remarkable (indeed, it’s among the briefest performances in the comeback), something that she somewhat acknowledges in the Pops in Seoul video below.

But hey, sometimes, when someone looks as determined and talented as Yoojung, that’s really all that has to be said. If Brave Brothers eventually decides to have this iteration of Brave Girls make a comeback in the future, it will be worth it just for Yoojung.


Yoojung is so mesmerizing that she causes spaceships to crash into each other.

yoojung brave girls 6

The muscle queen/athleisure movement in K-Pop is the best thing.

Yoojung’s stage presence is so strong and righteous that it could lift Thor’s hammer.

yoojung brave girls 4

Go on…

The emergence of Yoojung is so great that it miraculously softens the blow of losing Yejin.

yoojung brave girls 2

Life is good and full of wonders.

God exists and her name is Yoojung.

yujeong brave girls 2

Brave Girls comebacks forever and ever.

Yoojung is so transcendent that clouds look up to her.

yoojung brave girls gif



oh my god



  1. This Calvin Klein shits a trend I hope goes away soon, but everything else is pretty damn hnnnng

  2. Thanks for that video. A nice thing I noticed about Brave Girls is that they are much older than your typical debut girl groups and the maturity comes through when they speak. Here’s another great photo of Yoojung:

    1. I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to be fairly Brave Girls heavy when it comes to WW.

  3. Yoojung/Yujeong’s got an infectious smile. It’s hard to watch this and not grin along.

  4. Looking forward to the comeback. The girls all look amazing. Here’s Yoojung.

    1. Yep, I think this one is going to be good.

      1. ‘High Heels’ turned out to be a really short song of less than 3mins, but good enough to carry the group forward. The MV looks like they took a page from AOA, including the colour schemes, dance moves and the use of cosplay; the latter being a good way to feature the girls separately.
        I’m going to listen to the rest of the album but I like ‘High Heels’ already. Very happy to see Yoojung front and center in the MV (oh, that smile!!), but it was Hyeran who slayed in this comeback as she was allowed to ditch that chola persona and showed off her “sassy & foxy” femininity.

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