Hyosung Does Right By Swagger, Humanity

hyosung swagger

It is not much of a secret (ho ho ho) that Hyosung’s endorsement is worth its weight in gold. Stupidly-named hair product shiller Swagger decided to do the wise thing and have Hyosung hawk their stuff.

If there is a lesson here, it’s that Hysoung can sell anything, even a men’s lifestyle brand that sounds like it was the conceptual baby of a Mountain Dew can and Dane Cook.

Hyosung could co-sign Trump’s Taint Wax and I’d bathe in it if she asked me to.

This is the one time where I’d argue that something called “Swagger” belongs in a museum.

hyosung swagger 2

If there is anything that sums this up

hyosung swagger 1

One apt phrase that could summarize the infinite amount of feelings that this causes

hyosung swagger 5

One thought that adequately captures this awe-inspiring majesty

hyosung swagger 32

It would have to be

hyosung swagger 4


The rest of Hyosung’s Swagger album can be found HERE.

*I will review Mamamoo’s lead single tomorrow. Spoilers: IT’S SO GOOD.



  1. Hot, but holy airbrush, Batman.

    1. Yeah, it does look a bit like they photoshopped her head onto all the photos from other photos due to all the airbrushing. I’d love to see photo editors leave the editing tools alone for the most part. It’s one thing to cover a pimple or adjust the white balance or color saturation. It’s another to start reshaping faces and body parts. So many of these models are beautiful as they are. I don’t get the fixation in marketer’s and editor’s minds to create images that aren’t real and aren’t obtainable even for a professional model. I’d think all it does is disappoint consumers who don’t see the same results because the results were faked.

  2. The question will be whether sales jump 50% after her endorsement like they did for that Korean lingerie brand she did ads and shoots for a few years back.

  3. The Swagger ads are ridiculous. Make sure you turn on the captions.

    1. They… are exactly what I thought they’d be haha.

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