Mamamoo Release Promising Audio Teaser For Assuredly-Iconic “Melting”

mamamoo melting

Mamamoo’s first album, “Melting,” is set to release this week and seeing as how the group has had a pretty flawless hype campaign leading up to the album’s release, it’s not that surprising that the audio teaser for the album seems pretty damn good.

Outside of pre-release single “Pride of 1 cm,” the samples heard here sound like they fit squarely within Mamamoo’s wheelhouse of soulful sounds and powerful vocals. Based on the bare seconds of each track that can be judged here, “Funky Boy” with its funk-heavy active beat, “Emotion” with its sugar-sweet pop groove, and “Cat Fight” with its intriguing jazz transition (?) immediately stand out from the crowd (I have now probably doomed all three tracks to obscurity based on my track record of praising K-Pop album songs).

However, it’s probably safe to say that every track will be good because this is Mamamoo we’re talking about and Mamamoo can essentially do no wrong.

Unfortunately, the audio teaser doesn’t follow the track list’s order of songs so piecing things together requires some imagination and hopping around on the teaser (the middle section of the album should be hot fire).

Hopefully, the days leading up to February 26th will fly by because I am not sure how long this timeline can hold together without a full-length Mamamoo album in it.



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