You Can Spend $250-350 On Blanc & Eclare Cosmetics To Secure A Copy Of Jessica Jung’s First Solo Album

jessica jung

Fans of business-savvy Ice Princess, future world brand ambassador and occasional singer Jessica Jung will soon be able to get their hands on the former SNSD member’s first solo album. The catch? You may have to purchase about $250 worth of Blanc & Eclare cosmetics to get it.

According to the brand’s website, Blanc & Eclare is opening a pop-up shop at Seoul Incheon Airport on February 19th. In order to entice people to show up to the store, the company is offering this very expensive carrot:

Customers will have the chance to bundle products as well as receive a complimentary signed copy of Creative Director Jessica Jung’s first solo album.

Of course, the chance to “receive a complimentary signed copy of Creative Director Jessica Jung’s first solo album” is conditional on whether one is willing to spend $250 on merchandise at the pop up shop (or $350 online if you can’t quite make it to Seoul Incheon Airport on Friday).

Chance to receive signed copy of Creative Director Jessica Jung’s first solo album.

  • Customers must purchase $250+ of cosmetics in-store at ICN Get It Beauty. Email copy of your receipt to to receive your signed CD.

  • Customers must purchase $350+ of cosmetics on the BLANC & ECLARE website. During checkout, please add the following in the notes section: “Please send me a signed copy of the CD”

  • Limited quantity — promotion valid until supplies last

One has to hand it to Jessica. This is a pretty shrewd way for her to tie her (more well-known) appeal as a singer to her pursuits in fashion and business.

And as much as I want to mock this promotion, this ploy is somehow still less annoying than Kanye only allowing The Life of Pablo to be streamed through Tidal, so Jessica gets a pass from me for now. Go get that paper Ice Princess-Chairman-Magnate.

Now, if some rich soul could be ever so kind as to spend $250 at the Blanc & Eclare pop-up shop and upload the album for all to hear mail it to me so I may bask in the glory of Jessica Jung’s singing voice dutifully review it for my loyal reader(s), that’d be just dandy.


One comment

  1. Well it will be out for the masses about the same time I would imagine, so unless you really need an autographed copy for your Jessica shrine, you should be good. I hope it is a good album or at last has a good lead single that does well enough commercially. Her image and her business are inextricably linked still, so success would help. That said, another Jessica, Simpson, has built a huge fashion business with relatively little musical or acting success. Albeit her fashion business is more mass market than Jessica’s, which is clearly aimed at a more upscale clientele. It does sound like Jessica’s fashion label is doing okay with a still pretty limited product lineup. It will be interesting to see if she ends up doing as well as Simpson has done in that regard. If she does, the best thing that will have ever happened to her financially will be getting booted from SNSD.

    It is probably inevitable because Taeyeon is doing so well as a solo singer, but I do hope Jessica isn’t held to Taeyeon’s standard of success for “I” or even “Rain.” If she sold around 10,000 physical copies and made it into the top 20 on Gaon, that wouldn’t be a bad solo debut. I wonder whether she is going to promote much. I haven’t heard who is doing distribution and marketing. It sounds like she self-financed the album, so I guess if does well she will do very well unless she signed a crappy distribution deal.

    It will be interesting to see what she comes up with musically.

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