Waifu Wednesday: Noeul

No Eul (better known by her stage name Noeul) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best (and perhaps only) known for being a member of Rainbow.

For someone how has technically been in K-Pop since 2009, it is sort of amazing how little attention or promotion Noeul has received since Rainbow debuted. Granted, Rainbow itself hasn’t made huge waves in some time but Noeul is one of two members who hasn’t been in a Rainbow sub-unit (with the other being the equally anonymous Yoonhye) and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that her claim to fame is being childhood friends with SNSD’s Taeyeon.

Hell, even her Rainbow color, blue, is somewhat co-opted by Seungah’s color of indigo. Not helping matters is that, despite the fact that her voice is decent, Noeul is mostly relegated to singing inconsequential parts of Rainbow songs as well. Still, Noeul is cute as hell and that has to count for something, right? RIGHT!?!?!


Noeul is so pretty that she causes mirrors to blush.

Noeul is so underrated that hipsters haven’t even hyped her.

rainbow noeul


Noeul is so cute that she makes kittens feel jealousy.

Noeul could easily cause more nosebleeds than high altitudes.

noeul rainbow 234234234234

Rumored K-Pop idol “Noeul” reportedly spotted on some stage.

Noeul is so amazing that DSP Media has to be some special ops agency with the way that they’ve managed to essentially ghost her for the better part of a decade.


i cant



  1. Don’t worry about not having fully profiled the group yet. Even their boss, DSP, forgets about them for years at a time.

      1. Yup, shut it down. That’s a top comment right there.

  2. Watching Noeul and Jaekyung pretend to box each other in ridiculous fashion on that V app thing last week made me a fan of Noeul.

  3. No Eul’s got like, one of the best skin tones in k-pop. It’s so consistently pale, like a sheet of paper or a beautiful winter day. Glad SOMEONE remembered she’s around.

    1. We are few but we are strong.

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