Selca Sunday Is The Blessed Day

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Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where K-Pop social media is distilled to its truest essence and the points don’t matter. In this week’s edition, Hyuna takes top spot because it’s been too long since the selca queen sat atop her rightful place on the throne. Without further ado:

Kyungri of Nine Muses:

곧 먹스타

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I’m not sure if I get this outfit, but I like it.

Hyomin of T-ara and Yuri of SNSD:

Yuri commiserating with known bully Hyomin.

Seolhyun of AOA:

Whoever helps Seolhyun with her social media accounts needs a raise.

Woohee of Dal Shabet:

Woohee also makes a mean Harley Quinn.

Clara Lee:

🎬training #claragetfit

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Clara will also knock you da fuck out.

Minhee of STELLAR:

Minhee’s making Valentine’s Day bearable.

Woori of Rainbow:


Subin of Dal Shabet:

Those jeans defy description.

Bora of SISTAR (with guest appearances by SNSD):

That’ll do it for this week. Happy Valentine’s Day to those that celebrate it.



  1. Clara should stick to yoga as that way of kicking will break her toes. Besides, all that upper body silicon will throw her off balance.

    1. No, many styles of Karate use the ball of the foot for a roundhouse kick. It’s arguably better at breaking ribs. You have to lift your toes. That said, that was a HORRIBLY BAD kick with 0 power behind it. She should fire her trainer.

      1. She was wearing track shoes but I doubt she was trying to use the ball of her foot to execute a mawashi-geri Karate kick. One would assume that being Korean, she’s attempting a Taekwondo instep kick here. A common problem with TKD beginners is they don’t straighten their feet and risk hurting their toes. Actually there are many other things wrong with her kick, such as no snap back, no hip rotation.. etc but suffice to say, it just _looks_ awful. She should take lessons from these folks:

  2. It’s funny how Bora seems to hang out more with SNSD than her own group. It’s kind of cool in a way though how she has become almost like an unofficial member and is often at nearly every SNSD members’ birthday. I guess that shows that it isn’t just Tiffany, Sunny, and Hyoyeon that she is close to anymore. I suspect that part of the reason that SNSD and Sistar members seem to get along together pretty well is that both groups are some of the few people in their peer group in the industry that understand how hard it was getting to being a top tier group and then maintaining that level without major scandals or any major drop offs in performance.

    Part of the reason Seolhyun’s Instagram is so good so much of the time is that she is seemingly always on location somewhere for a modeling gig or shooting a CF. As a result she is often always taking a photo after having her hair and makeup done professionally and often is handing her phone over to a photographer or a photographer’s assistant to take a picture.

    I hope Rainbow has a nice relaunch. This is a unique opportunity for them being the sole veteran act at their agency. Hopefully DSP doesn’t go cheap with them and give them crappy songs and cheap videos/promotions. While they might not justify the level of investment Kara got at their peak, they certainly deserve a fair shot and not some half ass effort.

    Yuri’s ex-boyfriend is now pitching for my St. Louis Cardinals. I may be the only person in St. Louis that knows his ex-girlfriend is a lot more famous than he is back in Korea.

    1. DSP has no excuses now as far as I care. They have no KARA to promote, so Rainbow will hopefully be the bright spot to emerge out of KARA’s disbandment.

  3. 1 Seolhyun deserves 2 prizes this week.
    2 I have been paying attention to Dal Shabet for like the first time ever this week and Woohee is just adorable. She would be my DS bias if not for
    3 Subin! Stunning.
    4 Oh Clara, you could smack down a dozen bitches an I’d still be checking out the assets. Stay awhile.

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