Waifu Wednesday: Seungah

seungah rainbow ww

Oh Seungah (better known by her stage name Seungah) is a South Korean singer and dancer. She is best known for being a vocalist in still-existent K-Pop group Rainbow as well as Rainbow’s sub-units Rainbow Pixie (ugh) and Rainbow Blaxx (yay).

File this one under How The Hell Was This Profile Not Done A Billion Years Ago. As far as what preciously scant publicity the members of Rainbow receive, Seungah doesn’t even get to enjoy the popularity of a Jaekyung, Jisook, Hyunyoung or Woori. Nevertheless, she is one of only two members to be tapped for both Rainbow Pixie and Rainbow Blaxx (the other being Hyunyoung), with the former sub-unit requiring an obscenely cringe-worthy amount of aegyo and the latter requiring silly amounts of sex appeal and Seungah has acquitted herself well in both units (although her inclusion in Rainbow Pixie always seemed a bit odd to me). And while she may just have a vocalist label, Seungah’s involvement in every Rainbow project speaks to her value and versatility as a vocalist and performer. She is also very pretty, so there’s that.


Seungah is so hot that her existence can be felt from across several time zones.

My color is Navy🙏🏻⚓️👖 #RAINBOW #whoo

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Seungah’s talents are more plentiful than snowflakes on Antarctica.

seungah rainbow 13123

Blue is Seungah’s color, for sure.

Seungah is more miraculous than lightning striking a unicorn’s horn three times.

Good morning❤️

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Seungah’s brilliance cannot be comprehended by mere mortals.

seungah rainbow blaxx

Rainbow Blaxx deserves another chance.

When deities dream, they dream of Seungah.

seungah rainbow gif

Forever and ever and ever.






  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Bravo! Very much looking forward to their comeback.

    Hey, I know you don’t like requests, but I was wondering if you’ve seen/heard this yet:

    I’m psychotically obsessed with it.

    1. I do like requests, I just have a hard time (as in I’m lazy) getting around to them a lot of the times. I’ve seen that video but wasn’t sure if there was enough interest for a review (mostly because the only other place I saw the video really posted was AJ). I’ll see what I have to do tomorrow haha.

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