Clara Lee Does Clara Lee Things For GQ Taiwan

@gqtaiwan 💋

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The Resurrection of Clara Lee’s World Domination Project has been picking up steam ever since she ended her self-imposed public exile over her drawn-out legal battle with Polaris Entertainment.

As a part of her cunning plan to conquer Earth, the actress/model/fitness expert/singer/talent representative recently took to the pages of GQ Taiwan to remind everyone that we are all helpless in the presence of the Almighty.

“Slayed” is one of the most overused terms in modern internet lingo so let me just say that Clara Lee absolutely  (*quickly Googles “slay synonyms”) exterminated massacred annihilated gunned down did a very fine job modeling various pieces of apparel.

clara lee gq taiwan 3

Sacrifice all LV bags to the altar of Clara.

clara lee gq taiwan 5

Somehow making the Chewbacca look work.

clara lee gq taiwan 6


clara lee gq taiwan 4

She has risen.

clara lee gq taiwan 2

That sweater is the most impractical thing ever.

clara lee gq taiwan

Have mercy Clara.

clara lee gq taiwan 9

To be the guy assisting with lighting #BLESSED

clara lee gq taiwan 8

Life is good.

clara lee gq taiwan 7

BRB, gonna write-in Clara Lee on every presidential ballot that I can get my hands on.


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