Poor Youngji Gets Overshadowed By Her Non-Famous Sister


Youngji, the last remnant of dead K-Pop group KARA still bound to DSP Media, was recently on Gag Concert to presumably remind everyone that she still exists.

However, during one tragically hilarious segment, the show broached the subject of Youngji’s high school graduation, not so much out of interest in Youngji’s educational accomplishments but more as an excuse to focus on a picture of Youngji’s older sister (who not-so-coincidentally was in the studio audience).

The idol-in-limbo then went on to lament that the post resulted in a flurry of articles about her sister’s beauty, rather than Youngji herself.

While the moment was scripted, the subsequent interest in Youngji’s sister was so poetically perfect that it couldn’t have been dreamed up by the most viscous creative writers. Following the show, netizen buzz surrounding the segment basically forced Youngji’s representative to issue a statement on the future career plans… of Youngji’s older sister.

In response, a representative of Youngji has stated, “Youngji’s sister is working towards graduating from university. She is aiming to find a job as a host on a home shopping network.”

The representative then went on to essentially admit that they decided to include the former KARA member’s sister in the show because Youngji has nothing going on right now (There is no sad-face emoticon large enough for the following quote).

“To be honest, there haven’t been any topics of conversation about Youngji lately, so after talking with Choi Hyo Jong, it was decided that her older sister would make an appearance. We used the topic of people being more interested in Youngji’s sister’s looks after seeing a photo of her with Youngji on Instagram.”

“We don’t know what to do with Youngji, but, uh, her sister is hot I guess?” – Youngji’s reps during a brainstorming session, probably.





  1. Ah, that great DSP management brain trust. They need to find something for Youngji quickly. She has a knack for variety TV, which is so critical for any group’s success. It would be a shame to squander that due to not having a plan B for the likely event that the remainder of Kara was not going to re-sign with DSP. If I was Youngji, I might think very seriously about a contract buyout and trying to get on with another agency that maybe is forming a girl group and might want an experienced member to lead the group and help boost its visibility. Sadly at the moment it would only be small companies that would likely be forming new girl groups as SM has Red Velvet, JYP has Twice, Starship has Cosmic Girls, and YG is regularly rumored to be forming a new girl group (Though maybe he isn’t satisfied with the members and that’s why it keeps getting delayed, so maybe that would be something her people should dig into).

  2. This was tragically funny.

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