There Will Actually Be A Rainbow Comeback In TYOOL 2016

#RAINBOW #Whoo 우리 드디어컴백한다규우우우우😆

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Perhaps realizing that they now have a KARA-sized hole in their schedule, the folks over at DSP Media have finally decided to bless Planet Earth with another Rainbow comeback.

The members of the group each posted individual teasers for Rainbow’s upcoming album “Whoo” to their social media handles and along with a couple of group shots. It’s difficult to say what the concept is aiming for considering that the group shots look like slightly elevated fashion shoots for the GAP.

#RAINBOW #Whoo 우리 드디어컴백한다규우우우우😆

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Meanwhile, the individual teasers look like they were taken during an aerobics class. Fittingly, each member’s outfit corresponds with their Rainbow color.

내가바로 #RAINBOW 의 #RED #김빨강 이다!💃🏻#Whoo #jaekyung

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#레인보우 #프리즘 #개인컷 #조현영 #현영 #핑키

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My color is Navy🙏🏻⚓️👖 #RAINBOW #whoo

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“Whoo” will be Rainbow’s attempt to recover from their previous “Black Swan” comeback, which was a decent enough single that nevertheless failed to gain any traction at all. Hopefully, “Whoo” fares better because more Jaekyung is never a bad thing.

Of course, given the group’s track record, DSP will undoubtedly choose the weakest track off of “Whoo” to promote and leave every gem buried within the album itself while I powerlessly scream into the empty void of the internet. Such is the life of a Rainbow fan.




  1. If they could at least match the success of Sunshine or Tell Me, Tell Me that would be a positive. That’s not a very high bar either. Sunshine got them into the final on Inkigayo once and maybe some of the other shows that week. Those two singles peaked at 14 and 13 on Gaon and the album sold a bit over 14,000 copies which isn’t bad for a girl group that isn’t well promoted and lacks a large fan base.

    The sad part is how many years of these girls lives have basically been squandered by DSP with a combination of apparent indifference and mismanagement. Well now DSP has no choice but to promote them as the only other group of note that they have is their rookie girl group, which isn’t likely to be enough to keep a company afloat that was suckling at Kara’s teat.

  2. what does TYOOL mean?

    btw im so happy they’re having a comeback
    their mini album innocent was very nice
    i just loved bad man crying, mr. lee, a little more…

    1. TYOOL = The Year of Our Lord

      1. Igor Sousa · ·

        Oh thanks!! Just learned a new expression 🎉🎊🎇

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