Jungah Graduates From K-Pop Folk Legend After School


jungah after school

In the monkey’s paw of K-Pop news, After School made a headline! Unfortunately, it’s because After School’s leader and main vocalist Jungah has been banished to the K-Pop aether “graduated” from the group following her contract expiration with Pledis Entertainment.

Pledis’s statement on Jungah’s “graduation” offered nothing definitive on the future of After School, which, rumor has it, is some sort of girl group that may have made some good music with really cool concepts in some long-forgotten age.

Pledis stated on January 28, “Jung Ah’s contract with the agency has ended, and she naturally graduated the team.” As for After School, the agency added, “Currently, the company is discussing After School’s activities.”

On the one hand, it’s always a bit sad to see someone leave a group, especially in this case as Jungah was the last original remaining member of After School. The OG five is now nothing but a lower-res memory. (Not wanting to sound like a crotchety old man but I’m going to sound like a crotchety old man when I say that this debut is a thousand times better than most of what is released today.)

On the other hand, it’s not like After School has actually had a proper comeback… (checks timeline) TWO AND A HALF YEARS. Taking that into account, it’s probably best for Jungah to move on to other opportunities. She does have her very own online store to manage after all.

As for Mythic K-Pop Group After School, the roster currently consists of Orange Caramel members Lizzy, Nana and Raina as well as basically-full-time-actress UEE, criminally under-utilized E-Young and certainly-exists Kaeun. As of now, Pledis only has plans to produce an Orange Caramel concept in 2016.




  1. I’m guessing that they just don’t make enough of a return on the investment with Afterschool’s comebacks compared to members’ solo activities or the Orange Caramel sub-group. Obviously a few of the members are working regularly outside of Afterschool, but I always wonder what happens with the “Afterthought” members who don’t get acting offers, offers to do CF’s, have to go to modeling cattle calls for the local bridal fair runway rather than having campaigns or shoots made specifically for them, etc. Do they just sit around in the dorm not getting paid anything or just getting some minimal stipend while the company tells them they will have a group comeback “soon” to actually get a proper paycheck, or do they actually have it kind of easy if the get a taste of UEE’s, Nana’s, and Orange Caramel’s earnings without actually have much responsibility. I wonder if they are incredibly frustrated by the situation or if it actually isn’t that bad.

  2. I actually thought this had already happened like a year or so ago lol.

      1. I totally thought this already happened, too, and not with Jooyeon. Shit. :C

  3. “Currently, the company is discussing After School’s activities.”

    Got to be an awfully short discussion.

    1. I assume the conversation was essentially: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Probably the same discussion FNC has about AOA Black.

  4. Let’s pour one out for Jungah, but this was inevitable.
    Someday, when my kids are grown up, I will “graduate” myself. Thanks for all the music, Jungah.

  5. Why not just announce they’ve all graduated. Stop dragging it out.

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