MAMAMOO To Bless Humanity With A Free Single

mamamoo 1232131312

In about a month’s time, Mamamoo, a K-Pop group who can most likely sing your faves’ songs better than anyone and my group bias until someone finds wherever SPICA is buried, will be releasing a full-length album.

Thankfully, for those who can’t bear to wait that long (*cough me *cough), the group’s agency revealed that the group will be releasing a free single to tide people over in the meantime.

Before MAMAMOO’s first full-album release, they’ll release a surprise free single on January 29. MAMAMOO’s first full-length album is planned to drop at the end of next month.”

It’s hard to think of a better way to welcome the weekend than with some new soulful MAMAMOO goodness. I don’t care if Jessica Jung drops a Taeyeon-Tiffany diss track on the 29th, I’m giving whatever MAMAMOO drops on Friday priority over everything else.


One comment

  1. It will be nice to hear from them again. You don’t see many groups this deep vocally and the group seems to have moxie which is lacking in most girl groups that are demure and sweet to the point of being nauseating at times.

    Hopefully SPICA will be freed soon under CJ E&M now. Any company with actual resources and a proper budget should be able to do a lot with SPICA at least musically. Whether the public will buy it is the big question. It’s just too bad that none of their members has that apparent knack for variety or acting that might get the group more attention between comebacks.

    By the way you may be happy to hear that Nicole has surfaced in Japan apparently. I guess B2M is hoping to milk her Kara fame in Japan on the hope they can make some money or someone in Japan ponied up the financing for this that B2M couldn’t find for any of their acts in Korea that they had to hand over to CJ E&M. I have seen no mention of Nicole moving to CJ E&M, so I am assuming she is still with B2M. This song sounds Kara-esque. Hopefully it makes some money for her and the label.

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