4Minute Release Individual Teasers For Future Masterpiece “Hate”

4minute hate teasers hyuna

Hyunah and the Hyunaette’s 4Minute’s next comeback, entitled “Hate,” is set to drop on February 1st and the group recently released individual teasers for the group’s upcoming assuredly immortal single.

Truthfully, the teasers look like a stereotypical Terry Richardson photo shoot. Hell, just take the “4M” and replace it with a Supreme logo and you basically have replicated a Richardson photo, give or take a horrible Photoshop filter.

SUPREME 12312312


However, Hyunah and Jihyun wreck souls like they’re damp tissue paper and the group as a whole more than makes up for whatever hypebeast concept (?) that these images seem to be aiming for.

4minute hate teasers 2

4minute hate teasers 3

4minute hate teasers 5

4minute hate teasers

“Hate” will be produced by Seo Jae Woo, Son Young Jin and brief hairstyle pioneer Skrillex. Given Skrillex’s own tastes and 4Minute’s discography, it’s not surprising to learn that the comeback single will reportedly be “an EDM hip hop genre” song as that is the type of music that 4Minute slays on the regular. If it’s anything close to “Crazy” levels of good, “Hate” is going to be getting nothing but love (I am so sorry for that one).


One comment

  1. The ladies look amazing and (unless photo-shopped) have obviously been dieting. Hyuna is, as always, smoking hot. I believe this is the first time Jihyun has gone blonde, so that’s a very interesting look. I also like what they’ve done with Jiyoon as she looks very feminine, while still maintaining her signature short hair.
    Glad to see the group still going strong and releasing their 7th album. I could really do with some solid K-Pop EDM right now. Less pleased that they’re trying to ape the 3M logo and Terry-creepy-sexual-predator-pornographer-Richardson.

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