Waifu Wednesday: Sana

sana twice 1

Minatozaki Sana (better known as Sana) is a Japanese K-Pop singer and dancer. She is best known for being a vocalist in future K-Pop overlord group TWICE.

It’s early in TWICE’s career but whether through divine intervention or sheer randomness, Sana may already have claim to TWICE’s dorky-adorable crown. Out of all of TWICE’s amazing special videos for “OOH-AHH,” none quite had the charm of Sana’s clip, between the incredibly awkward high fives and… whatever Momo is doing at the bottom left.

Seriously, Sana’s high fives are channeled out of every drunken mid-level office Christmas party on the planet.

There was also this immortal popcorn mishap that I am 99% sure some wise trickster deity made happen.

Add in the obvious talents that landed her in TWICE, and it’s pretty apparent that we will soon all be swearing allegiance to the Republic of Sana.


Sana is so cute that her smile is responsible for sugar rushes.

sana twice 1232

Worth a thousand cheers.

Sana is so brilliant that astronomers are already studying her as a galactic anomaly.

sana twice selcas

Not sure if Jordan ever looked this good.

Sana packs more power than Superman huddled by the sun.

sana twice

All hail Emperor Sana.

The idea of Sana doing wrong is as foreign an idea as a Bible without Jesus.

sana twice 234324324

Yes, you.

Sana brings more joy than Santa Claus.

sana twice fiddle gif

Majesty in gif. form.


washed away in feels



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    I rely haven’t paid much attention to Twice. Their debut didn’t really get it done for me. But as always, this one is definitely waifu-worthy.

    By the way, I don’t know how long it’s been since I first stumbled upon your little corner of the Internet here. A few years at least. Just wanted to thank you for still doing what you do. I always enjoy stopping by here.

    1. Thanks! Always enjoy seeing what you guys have to say about this silly little corner of the internet as well.

  2. That’s two down, now do one for Twice’s Japanese member who actually looks Japanese!
    Mina is good.

    1. Rest assured, that will happen one day.

  3. Yes, Sana certainly has the adorkable crown for her group. Between the over the top high fives, her running around looking goofy at 3:19 in the “Ooh Ahh” video, her supposed inflexibility compared to Mina and Momo (Which you clearly disproved with the gif above), to her falling on her butt jumping out of the bus during the video (I wonder if that was a case of her failing to nail the landing as planned, but it was just too funny to not include it…probably planned, but it would be funny if it simply was an accident). Her gift is she makes the dorkiness/clumsiness look very natural.

    I guess in two years we can look forward to Tzuyu’s Waifu Wednesday assuming she hasn’t been stoned to death by a crowd of angry “One China” zealots or Taiwan independence zealots.

    At least it sounds like the group has kind of circled the wagons around their maknae as no 16 year old kid deserves to get dragged into such politics over something as inane as waving their homeland’s flag and daring to say its name.

    1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

      Her little speech at the golden whatever awards the other day almost turned me into a blubbering mess. She’s handled this whole debacle with the grace and ability far surpassing her age. I wasn’t really a fan of Twice and her before I saw that. I am now.

  4. That leg gif, I don’t know what to say, all I can do is watch.

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