Stellar Grants Mortals A Brief Glimpse Of “Stabbed” And I’m So Ready For This

stellar stabbed

With the release of “Stabbed” less than a week away, Stellar has gone and released a new music video teaser for their latest comeback and it looks to be in the same vein as Stellar’s more recent dance-oriented singles.

The bare white hallways, colorful outfits and peppy beat may not match the expectations brought on by the overly-demure teaser images that the group has dutifully doled out over the past few weeks (but then again, it’s probably more of a surprise when teaser images actually reveal anything about a MV release) but Stellar has proven over the past few years that they know how to make a killer disco K-Pop song, so if “Marionette,”Mask,” and “Vibrato” are any indication, “Stabbed” sounds like it should be well within Stellar’s wheelhouse.

The group also released its individual teaser images for Junyool which, well, certainly take the whole “LOLLING AT UR INNOCENT AND PURE CONCEPTS” to its natural conclusion.

junyool stabbed teaser stellar 3

I am sure that Stellar is laughing at everything right now.

junyool stabbed teaser stellar 2

Of course, they saved Junyool’s shoot for last. Well played, Stellar.

junyool stabbed teaser stellar

Can I just be the two books in the background?

Ever the diplomat, Junyool even released another teaser image which should placate all of the concern-trolls out there who will undoubtedly howl about the SANCTITY OF VIRTUE IN MAH KAY-PAHP.

It’s beautiful.

Stellar for President.




  1. LOL, the last photo is first class trolling

    1. Absolute first class.

  2. ary_prastiya · · Reply

    too hot, I got burned

  3. All those innocent curves make a strong impression.

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