Waifu Wednesday: Gayoung

Kim Ga Young (better known by her stage name Gayoung) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the  leader and vocalist of K-Pop group Stellar.

So, yeah. Stellar. The group’s heightened profile hasn’t had as much to do with their music as their blatant and glorious understanding of the K-Pop marketplace but there’s little denying that the notoriety has at least helped the group stand out from their peers (the worst thing that a group can do is be forgettable).  Thankfully, Stellar has handled their dedication to trolling the world with an amazingly deft touch and Gayoung has dealt with the group’s transition to Netizen Think Piece fantastically.

All hail Brave Leader Gayoung. May her reign be long and prosperous.


Gayoung is so fantastic that she is worshiped in several alternate realities.

Gayoung’s hotness fuels intergalactic travels.

gayoung stellar him


Gayoung could sell salt water to a sailor.

Gayoung’s dedication can only be measured in angel tears.

gayoung stellar live

All the weeping. All of it.

Gayoung is so utterly ruthless that her smile causes heaven to shake.

gayoung stellar 2343254435436

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand gifs.


i cant



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    But seriously, the songs are really so good. Mask, Marionette, and Vibrato are 3 of the maybe 5 or 6 songs on my playlist that I never skip. Here’s hoping the new one will make that list too.

    1. For real, the group’s musical output has been really impressive as of late.

  2. Anthony Tran · · Reply

    Definitely my top 10 fave groups. Seriously though you forgot about Junyool! #IluvJunyool
    I’m disappointed and saddened Slug. #savestellar

    1. Eep. That’s one that will have to be rectified.

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