Nine Muses Will Apparently Bless Earth With A Comeback In A Few Months

nine muses

Supermodel dance troupe Nine Muses will be descending from on high in order to grant humanity a glimpse of pure happiness in fairly short order. The group is reportedly currently recording new tracks for an early spring comeback.

On January 12, an insider revealed that the girl group are currently in the midst of recording brand new tracks. It’s said that if all goes according to plan, Nine Muses will be back late March and at the latest early April. The album concept and title track are not yet decided.

While Nine Muses didn’t release anything in 2014, likely due to the amount of member defections and additions that Nine Muses experienced that year, the group has had an astounding seven comebacks in the past three years (“Dolls,” “Wild,” “Gun,” and “Glue” in 2013 and “Drama,” Hurt Locker,” and “Sleepless Night” in 2015) so it’s not entirely surprising that the group will continue to be worked into the ground with its rather prodigious output to kick off 2016. Quality is usually not a worry when it comes to Nine Muses as there is really only one or two tracks that the Muses has released over the past three years that I’d consider to be below average (Maybe “Drama” and definitely “Sleepless Night”). Hopefully, whatever Nine Muses has in store for the world will be better than the listless “Sleepless Night” that the Gang of Eight last left us in November.




  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    I just don’t feel the love with this group anymore. I probably should have never watched that BBC documentary that showed that every one of the girls in that lineup except Sera were spoiled brats. I liked Hurt Locker, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over Sera’s leaving. I know, they are all model-pretty and thier songs aren’t terrible. I simply can’t get over what happened.

    1. As a Sera fan, I understand where you’re coming from but I think that the group still puts out some good dance tunes even if they lost a ton of magical goodness when Sera left.

  2. I just think these girls had a stronger, WAAAAAY stronger brand after the documentary, the extended version of it showed a ray of hope. Sera still supports them, as well as the other past girls.. That says a lot. I will view this group as a legacy of great people, great women and great waifus.

  3. I’ll always find it funny that in the world of Korean popular music putting out 7 songs in 3 years is considered prolific.

    1. Seven singles but yeah. Mostly because each release has to come with weeks long promotions and show performances

      1. Yeah it’s interesting how that stuff works (and how releasing a song a few months after the previous one is considered ‘coming back’) but I’m kind of glad I’m not immersed in that way of doing things, cause I’m sure I’d get sick of songs way quicker if they were given like 3 months of solid “LISTEN TO OUR NEW SONG YOU SHITS”, but ya know, cultural differences and things. I’m sure the way I consume and discover music is considered weird to other people too lol.

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